What Is Solar Umbrella? How Much Do They Cost and Benefit?
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On July 22, 2020

Modernity is defined by the updated technology and technology is defined by science. Most of us are familiar with technology and science; modernity can be known and won with the help of technology. In this modern world, without technology living nowadays is near to impossible. So, to have updates in technology is very important. People in this era look for various unique different types of features in the product, which may help them make their life easier and better.

Solar Umbrella

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Moreover, technology was made for the reason of making life easier, and it worked. We all are now font of technology and we do apply it in our day to day life, though it has many advantages but it too have bad impacts on our life too. Technology has given us a way to communicate, equipment for production of things used in our day to day life, better taste of living in the home, travelling facilities and many more, on the other hand it  has increased pollution, global warming and many more bad impacts on nature and human life.  

For controlling pollution occurring with the means of technology; we are switching to a technology which uses nature without affecting them likewise sunlight, water and air. We generate electricity from hydraulic fall near the waterfall or dams, windmills work with the help of air and generates a big amount of electricity throughout the day and last but not least we use solar panels, as soon as the sunlight incident on the panel it starts storing energy with the help of some wiring and sensors. The advantage of using water, air and sunlight as a source of generation of electricity is they will never exhaust from nature and are renewable resources, thus, we can use it whenever we want it will never end up.   

Solar Umbrella

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Sunlight or solar energy is nowadays in trend and is used widely; this energy is clean, reliable and renewable source of energy which is been used by nature and humans for thousands of years, every living organism existing on Earth consumes sunlight, for examples: plants use sunlight to make their food, humans gets a plenty of sources through it like vitamin D, and animals too consume sunlight to make their body warm. Moreover, as humans go on updating their technology they have found out the way in which we use photo– voltaic processes to use sunlight as a source of electricity. Here, in The Architecture Designs, we will explain to you, what is solar umbrella, cost of solar umbrella and benefits of solar umbrella.

What is a solar umbrella?

An umbrella made with the concept to store solar energy with the help of solar panels and to use that solar energy into electrical energy  at night i.e. use of led lights under the umbrella at night is called solar umbrella.

Solar Umbrella

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You can even say that it soaks up energy at day time and emits in the form of led lights at night.

It is one of the simplest technology product used across all over the world, as it has no complicated wiring or any manual for its usage, you have to just use it as simply as you use your umbrella, and this umbrella will block the sun rays all day long protecting you from the harmful rays of sun along with that it will store that energy and will efficiently convert it into solar – powered lightning. The set up of the umbrella is not at all completed which is a good advantage for a person who is handing it.

The aspect to making it was at night if somewhere there is no light facility available or you are visiting a place where you’ll require light, you can take this umbrella and can use its solar power to navigate your way in the dark. Furthermore if you are visiting a forest or jungle there you’ll not find even a single source of light, in such a situation your umbrella will emit light whenever you need it, for that light you don’t have to pay any cost rather than just buying a solar umbrella from the shop.   

Composition of solar umbrella

Solar Umbrella

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–          A good quality  umbrella

–          Solar panels

–          Led lights

–          12 V battery

–          Inverter

–          Some wires

The construction of this product is very easy and can be done by anyone having bit knowledge of wiring and electrical and solar equipment. The very first step is mounting solar panels as solar panels are made photo – voltaic substance which is almost similar to the mirror, thus it should be adjusted precisely so that it won’t fall off and break, also it must not hurt the person standing under the umbrella or besides the umbrella. The reason for selecting 12 V batteries is to satisfy the requirements of led lights without increasing the weight of the product; one can place this battery on the cloth of umbrella or in the handle too.  Make sure after fixing all the things it must not weigh heavy otherwise no one would like to handle it, as it can cause hand pain. Be choosy while placing the inverter you have to be sure that it connects both solar panel and battery simultaneously. Led lights then with help of some wires must get connected with batteries this is the final step.

You can add a switch so that you can turn on and off the led lights accordingly. Moreover you can use sensors so whenever you put your hands on it light will turn on and as soon as you remove it the light will turn off.


Solar Umbrella

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Solar panels will soak the sunlight in day time, the light will be then stored and converted into electrical energy with the help of an inverter; inverter will charge the 12V battery throughout the day, at night you will get fully charged 12V battery which will supply electricity to led lights fitted inside the umbrella. Turn on the switch and the light glows up to navigate your way in the dark. The principle of working of this product is photo – voltaic process. You can even fit up a fan instead of led lights, many more innovations and ideas can come out with this process.

How much is the cost of a solar umbrella?

Solar Umbrella

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It is way much costlier than a normal umbrella, as it consists of various electrical which are expensive likewise solar panels, inverter, battery, led lights and many more among this all things the most costly part is  solar panel though it is in trend it costs much more than earlier. Looking on the price it cost in the range of $100 – $200.   

Thinking about the combination of umbrella and solar lightning, $100 is not a big deal. Moreover you are getting a perfect combo in a bundle; it could be a kind of saving too. You can even say that it is a one time investment which will give you lifetime profit. Looking over the embedded electrical and solar equipment which are of really high price and high quality against them $100 – $200 is a feasible range to buy it.  

Benefits of solar umbrella

Solar Umbrella

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As this umbrella works on the updated technology it has many benefits for making human life easier.

  •     Nightmare

There are many people in this world suffering from a disease named nightmare, in this disease a person is able to have their sight in daytime but opposite to it at night they aren’t able to see anything. In other words it is called night blindness. Thus, this newly invented product will help such persons, just handle over the umbrella in the hand and turn on the led lights present in it, there will be such a good lightning effect that you can see your path and nearby objects clearly.

  •     Shading and lighting

You can use this product at day time for the purpose of shading just to create a good environment inside the home also at night you can use led lights for increasing the elegance of your home. No need to run any type of extension cord in your backyard. Moreover you can use it for decorating purposes too it will look awesome and will show the standard of your living.

Solar Umbrella

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  •     Saving the energy

As it recharges 12V battery usually as per the requirement of lighting up the lights, you can even connect the inverter with a large battery and at day time you can store energy or charge up that battery, though your money for buying such a expensive model will not go waste at all even though you can use it with the aspect of saving money too.

This product is coming up with much variation like in built fan in umbrella, in built ac in umbrella and of course in built lights in it. Switching to solar energy is working very well and slowly and gradually this system is being used for saving overall house electricity too.  

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