What Are the Best Bathroom Air Purifiers, And How do They Work?
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On June 24, 2022

Let’s face it, and bathrooms don’t always smell their best. Using a stinky restroom may be unpleasant and embarrassing, especially if you’re hosting guests. As a result, installing an air purifier is smart to ensure that the air you breathe is always pleasantly scented.

When it comes to bathroom air purifiers, there are several additional reasons to use one. As a result, we’ve put together this guide to assist you in your search for the finest bathroom air purifier. In addition, we’ll go through the benefits of using one and provide a quick shopping guide.

Medify MA-40

bathroom air Purifiers

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The two HEPA filters in the Medify MA-40 do their best to clean the air in your bathroom of harmful contaminants. Medify MA-40 is an air purifier for small bathrooms. Dust, germs, virus vectors, and mold may all be removed from the air with 99.9 per cent efficiency because of the three layers of filtering material used in each unit. When the air is damp, these pesky invaders become more prevalent.

The activated carbon filter works in tandem with the HEPA filters. The only purpose of this product is to absorb and eliminate unpleasant scents. Hidden mold in the bathroom can lead to a buildup of unpleasant odors. 

  • The cleaner uses HEPA technology, which is suitable for:
  • Rooms up to 800 square feet.

Cogswell Air Purifier

bathroom air Purifiers

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The Cogswell Bathroom and Toilet Odor Eliminator was the first effective air purifier for the small bathroom I found throughout my hunt for quality products. Attaching this gadget to your toilet bowl so that it may remove foul odors directly from your bowl pit is how it works.

Using its proprietary Helix ion Technology filtering technology, the Cogswell Odor Eliminator’s maker claims it can eliminate unpleasant odors in and around your toilet.

Without using dangerous chemicals or sprays, the device creates a vortex around your toilet bowl that engulfs smells, sucking them into the vortex and releasing clean, fresh air. This gadget is an excellent choice for those suffering from chemical sensitivity.

Activated charcoal is used in its filters to remove unpleasant smells. 

The battery-operated gadget is small enough to fit on the rim of most toilet bowls under the toilet seat and is powered by four AA batteries.

To keep your bathroom smelling fresh, it contains a built-in motion sensor that activates the gadget when it detects movement in the area. A little red light on the gadget indicates it is cleaning the air.

Clean Air Purifier AeraMax 100

bathroom air Purifiers

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Numerous stand-alone air quality in your bathroom, and this is one of the most effective. Many stand-alone air purifiers are available, and making a decision was difficult. Ultimately, I went with the AeraMax 100, which I found ideal for bathroom use.

HEPA and activated carbon filters are included in this unit’s air purifier. Additionally, the ionizer on the air purifier can be turned on or off at your discretion. The ionizer, in my opinion, should be turned off because it releases ozone into the indoor air, which can be harmful to pets, children, or anyone with respiratory issues.

The AeraMax 100’s HEPA and Carbon filters can remove 99 per cent of particulate pollutants and reduce odors in your bathroom. If your bathroom is smaller than 200 square feet, it can clean the air in under an hour.

The cleaner’s core consists of a fan and filtration system. When it works, the fan pulls polluted air out of your bathroom, cleans it in the filtration system, and returns it to your bathroom.

Clean and toxic air is continually circulated over and over by the cleaner, which ensures that your bathroom’s air quality is maintained. If your air quality is poor, the device will tell you when to change your filters and adjust its cleaning speed accordingly.

From numerous reviews, the AeraMax is known for being loud, especially when operating at its highest speed setting. For this cleaner, you will need to replace the HEPA filter every 12 months and the carbon filters every three months. 

Finding a smaller air purifier for the bathroom that will provide excellent performance in your bathroom is difficult in the short term.

How does Air Purifier Work?

bathroom air Purifiers

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An air purifier comprises a blower and one or more filters, which work together to remove contaminants from the air. These filters- typically made of paper or fibers such as fiberglass or mesh- are used to remove and neutralize pollutants and particles from the air before it is pumped back into the living space.

Most harmful particles are effectively filtered away, but some may still linger on soft or hard surfaces, such as furniture or walls. 

Large, coarse particles, including dust mites and pollen, often fall within 5 microns or less. Does an air purifier work for a bathroom when filtering out tiny particles? How? To remove pollutants and allergens as tiny as 2.5 microns, a dense network of fibers and numerous layers of complicated weaves are used. Mold and germs may be destroyed by air purifiers that employ UV light. At the same time, those that use activated charcoal can remove pollutants like VOCs and smoke particles.

Why should you clean your bathroom with an air purifier?

bathroom air Purifiers

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Moisture, oxygen, and low lighting are all necessities for mold growth. Moisture breeds mold, so if you have a lot of it in your bathroom, you must get rid of it right once. Mold may replicate within 24 hours in the right conditions. Those who are allergic to mold and have a compromised immune system should avoid mold exposure if possible. The correct air purifier may reduce or prevent black mold in your bathroom.

There are several ways to deal with bathroom odors, but the most common is to use scented sprays and air fresheners to mask the stench. Only masking the smell, these sprays don’t fix the problem. An air purifier can effectively remove odors caused by humans or bad odors.

Moist air may be created simply by taking a shower, washing your hands, or flushing the toilet. Without proper ventilation, moisture can accumulate and eventually grow mold and mildew. An air purifier and fan will be handy if you have a bathroom.

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