Getting the Best Out of Your Community Spaces
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On February 8, 2023

Community spaces are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after amenities in real estate. Renters and homeowners want to feel like they’re moving into a space that feels safe and where it’ll be easy for their families to connect with others and feel safe.

 How do you make this happen when designing a community space?

 Whether you’re building an apartment complex or a housing development, community spaces can make a massive difference. These are the top ways to get the most out of these spaces.

What Makes a Community Space Awesome?

Community Spaces


Despite the phrasing feeling new, community spaces are one of the oldest parts of housing developments and apartments. It’s the point of courtyards, public parks, and other gathering areas: but these often miss the mark.

The key to making a great community space is to ensure that it’s accessible to most people, that there’s a chance for purpose and activities, that it inspires people to talk and gather, and that it’s as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

This needs to be an area where people will want to gather and spend time, even if it’s the first space of its kind that they’ve ever encountered.

Importance of Sustainability and Functionality

Community Spaces


Whether you’re investing in roof deck pavers to build a roof-top garden and green space, or you’re looking at building a park with seating and tables, no community space comes pre-fabricated. It’s vital that you design with both sustainability and functionality in mind to ensure that local residents will be able to get the most out of this space.

Sustainability means that you’re building this space with the future of the environment and your community in mind. This could mean starting with recycled materials or simply going with products that have greener sourcing in general.

Functionality is also key because it gives people a purpose for being here. This means furniture that’s comfortable and easy to use and cook surfaces or features that people will intuitively enjoy and get utility from. Although you may think cutting-edge is the way to go, some people will avoid parts if they’re worried about embarrassing themselves by not knowing how to use them.

What Materials Are Most Commonly Used?

When building your community space, it’s vital that your materials are well-sourced, ensuring they’re environmentally friendly while also able to handle a lot of use and time. This can mean going with stone or stained concrete instead of softer materials which will age faster.

Why Accessibility Is So Important For Every Community

Community Spaces


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Accessibility is important both legally and ethically. We want everyone to feel included in our communities and to give them a chance to enjoy themselves without feeling left out or othered. 

Simple accessibility can be things like using ramps instead of steps, having shaded areas to keep the sun and heat off of people, and including accessible parking spaces if this is a space people need to drive to.

If you’re nervous about doing this well and want an expert’s help, you can always have a professional audit your space for accessibility or even reach out to people who might be affected by the area lacking things that will help them enjoy it.

Mistakes That Every Community Space Should Avoid

Community Spaces


Although your goal is to make everything awesome for the people who live in your community, it’s not uncommon for people to make mistakes. Most of the common errors are ones that come from forgetting how people will react to what they’re seeing or being offered.

The main mistake is overly advertising and selling the space. Most Gen Z and a large portion of Millennials view advertising as manipulation and won’t want to go to an area that feels like it’s being sold to them. Advertise in a more community-driven way, like through word-of-mouth campaigns, than by putting out tons of ads and fliers in the area.

Another mistake is failing to upkeep it after the space is built. A lot of time and work is being put into this area, so it’s vital that you have a great plan in place for upkeep and ensure that it’s everything your community will need.

The Most Inspiring Examples of Community Spaces

Community Spaces


Sometimes the best way to make sure you’re on the right path is to see what’s succeeded before you.

The Green Square Complex in Raleigh, North Carolina, is one that almost every community designer should be familiar with. Offering a chance to look into science and environmentalism with the comfort and joy of community makes this a destination where people are excited to spend time.

Another great community space is 9th and Thomas in Seattle. This destination offers office spaces for locals and gives you a chance to enjoy meeting neighbors and socializing. Being multifunctional sets it ahead of others.

Your Community Deserves Areas That Bring People Together

The point of a community space is to make people feel both comfortable in their environment, as well as connected to others who live near them. Design with these tips in mind, and you’ll spark far more interest in your area.

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