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On July 8, 2019

Puente de la Mujer is the bridge and famous with  “Woman Bridge” name. Buenos Aires, a rooftop footbridge for Doc 3 in Puerto Mexico’s commercial district of Argentina.  This cantilever spar is cable-strait bridge type and also has a swing bridge, but there is something abnormal in its heterogeneous arrangement.  There is a single yard with cables in it which drape portion of the bridge which revolve 90 degrees so that water traffic can pass easily. When it swings to allow the watercraft route, then the far end comes at the point of resting on a stable pylon.

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Puente de la Mujer:

  There is a rotating suspension bridge in Punta de la Mujer, which is 102 meters (335 feet) long, which is set between a pair of fixed bridges.  The central section is drape by cables with an inclined pylon which is 39 meters (128 feet) high. This stretch of the bridge can rotate up to 90 degrees so that water traffic can be freed.  The weight of the mechanical tower balances the weight of the pylon, from which the circumvolution system can be simplified.

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Puente Adele Mujer was made with reinforced concrete and steel and it was cover with natural stone or ceramics, the Puente de la Mujer is brightened in the night, which makes it more beautiful and it is a  new symbol for Buenos Aires.

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Similar to a bridge of 250 meters on the Guadakliver River in Seville, Spain’s architect Santiago Calatrova, Spain (1992) and designed in a similar way to the 213-meter bridge on the Sacramento River in Redding, California (2004) Forward-Inverted Angles  Instead of the cantilever, as seen in those bridges. It was started in 1998, it was initiated on December 20, 2001, and is the first of only two different structures in Latin America. The architect explains the design as a synthesis of the image of a couple who danced the tango.

The 170-meter pedestrian bridge weighs 800 tons, it is 6.20 meters wide and is divided into two fixed parts, respectively 25 meters and 32.50 meters long, and a central section of 102.5 meters which rotates on a white concrete pylon  That allows ships to pass through. Less than two minutes This central block is reinforced by steel “needle”, with a solid core, about 34 meters high. “Needle,” is inclined at an angle of 39 degrees, which is the anchor suspension cable supporting the central span.  A computer system operates on the eastern end of the bridge, requiring the turnkey mechanism.

There are many women names on the streets of Puerto Madero District, [1] thus the bridge has been given its name.

  The work was formulated by businessman Alberto El Gonzalez, who donated money for the construction.  The bridge costing around the US $ 6 million was made by the Ursa Steel Fabrication Group in the Vitoria-Gustave city of the Basque Country in northern Spain.

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According to Business Executive Bob Smitter, the bridge was not part of the original Puerto Madero project.  George Heyman, a Buenos Aires advertising executive, was hired to develop an advertising campaign for Puerto Madero, but their analysis showed that the site’s biggest challenge was not public awareness.  Historic footwear, Hayman suggested, while the initial advertising campaign would definitely be more expensive, more pragmatic, and more permanent. The developer agreed with the assessment, and he created the structure.

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The old port of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero, is currently being converted into a new commercial and residential center and tourism sector.

  Notable developments include the construction of a Hilton apartment-hotel, the Museum of the Sea, and the premiere of Puerto Madero’s.

 The challenge offered by the customer, La Corpiónio Antigua Puerto Madero, SA, was to design a footbridge for Doc 3, which will improve the circulation of pedestrians and add to the plaza on either side of the embankment, while at the same time a  The loading dock was leaving. Still used for water traffic.

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