Century Bar Portland with Stunning Views
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On June 25, 2019

Century bar is the best and the most visited bar in Portland. This bar launched or open in 2015 (summer). century bar at Portland is known or popular for its interior design. This bar includes in its a traditional bar, all ideal bar and also have a sporty culture in it.

There is a roof bar with steel beams in century bar Portland. there is also wheelchair access and lift in this bar. There are specially made furniture and interior designs and they are made from wood and which gives an amazing look to this bar. 

A rooftop deck with panoramic views of the patio and city Portland as well as a fire pit.

Century Bar Portland With Stunning Views 1

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Century Bar Portland With Stunning Views 2

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Stunning views of the century bar

The front bar will provide guests with a more neighborhood bar experience. Although cocktail and food are all equal rates here, and space will play a different style of music and different color lighting will be compared to sitting inside the stadium-style.

Century Bar Portland With Stunning Views 3

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To take entry in the Century bar, people will walk through the bottle-necked shape entrance gate, and it is similar to the feeling of walking in the Moda Center for the playing Blazers game.  Inside it, there is eight TV movies and games will also play, which includes every blazer and timber game. In the night there is no programming because space will host by the dance parties, DJs and live music.

Cocktail tequila will be heavy – currently, there are 53 different types of tequila and twelve different mezcals behind bars – and bartender-friendly for busy nights.

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the menu of this century bar is full of snacks like French fries, popcorn and more then there would be completely with the vegetarian menu also. Rabbins, burgers, and sandwiches will have vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions but the bad thing is that all look exactly the same you don’t find a difference between them.

Century Bar Portland With Stunning Views 5

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On the terrace, a horseshoe bar will serve long and slices with a panoramic view of the Portland city of the city.