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On December 24, 2018

Basements are the darkest space in the building. Mainly used for parking car or storage. This boring area can turn into a happening place by changing its purpose. The basement bar is a fantastic strategy to utilize unwanted space. It is challenging for the homeowner to turn the dull basement into a trendy and friendly basement bar.

basement bar ideas

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Before installing a basement bar, some interesting and smart basement bar idea to make the basement favourite hangout spot in the house. The customized wall bottle opener is useful tools for the bar. Wall bottle opener is easily available in the market but it would be creative to DIY for the basement bar.

basement bar ideasSource:homedit.combasement bar ideasSource:pinterest.combasement bar

White shades add a distinct style to a basement bar. Colorful bottles are pop up in the white background. Cider wood tone furniture compliment the overall set up of the basement bar. In well-planned basement bar idea, custom pull outs drawers are essential to hold bottles upright. To avoid tipping from the bottle adjustable dividers are required in the drawer.

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Booth style sitting arrangement is unique and friendly in the dark basement bar. If there is a lack of space than plank countertop is an ideal option for a tiny corner bar. Dark plank countertop with a simple cabinet adds a luxurious bar feel in the basement. There are many different ways to incorporate under-self lighting into a basement bar.

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The simplest option is to use sticky light to illuminate the bar. The basement bar would remain incomplete without a dart board. Crafted the dartboard surrounding wall with a wine cork to protect the wall from dents and dings.

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