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On November 7, 2018

Underground homes are very uncommon but still many people live in underground homes. It is an alternative to regular homes. Not only the houses but offices and factories are also benefited by these underground homes. Underground homes are very rare but there are many countries where people live in those underground homes.

underground homes

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There are some underground homes which are entirely submerged into the earth’s surface and on the other hand, there are many underground homes where only a portion of the house is submerged into the earth surface.  There are many unique underground home designs. The underground homes designs are very attractive and you must see underground home designs in many countries.

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Constructed caves- It is very dangerous and expensive and it is made by tunnelling into the earth and it is also popular around the world.

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Culvert homes- These homes are buried into the ground and are made up of assembling concrete pipes and container into the desired design of the living space.

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Earth Berm- This type of house is built on a small hill or on flat land. After leaving a roof or a wall for light and air, it is buried.  

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Elevation- Elevation is a type of house which is built with the front of the house open and these houses are often seen into the side of the hills.

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Atrium- it is a type of house where the rooms are built underground around a garden which is sunken so that the light can pass easily. It is also called a courtyard house.

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These are the unique underground houses which can be seen in most of the countries and it is attractive for the tourists also.

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