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On November 12, 2018

Unique architecture and japanese interior designs are the main features of Japanese houses. It depicts the rich culture of Japan. It makes interior of the home charming and beautiful. The interior of the homes are mostly made up of wood, clay, paper and rice straw. The Japanese interior design styles make the home look stylish and attractive.

japanese interior design

Source:delightfull.eujapanese interior

Shoji- Shoji is a sliding panel that is made in wooden frame with translucent paper which helps to diffuse natural light and shadows.

japanese interior designSource:home-designing.comjapanese interior

Source:impressiveinteriordesign.comjapanese interior designSource:freshome.comjapanese interior designSource:home-designing.comjapanese interior designSource:freshome.comjapanese interior interior designSource:home-designing.comjapanese interior designSource:impressiveinteriordesign.comjapanese interior

Wagoya- In most of the old Japanese houses wagoya can be found which is a wooden joint complexly tied with a rope in a frame. It is a house without any use of nails.

japanese interior designSource:home-designing.comjapanese interior design

Source:freshome.comjapanese interior

Ranma- Ranma is designed to let lights into the room above shoji and fusuma. It is a shoji screen or ornate wooden cravings which gives a beautiful look to the entire room.

japanese interior designSource:delightfull.eujapanese interior designSource:allabout-japan.comjapanese interior designSource:freshome.comjapanese interior designSource:impressiveinteriordesign.comjapanese interior

Genkan- It is the most popular feature of the house as the guest is greeted and leaves their shoes here before entering. It has a lower level floor where the people leave their shoes facing the door. It is the main entrance of the house. Wearing shoes in the house is considered as a breach of manner in Japan. This area can also be seen in the Japanese cartoons like Doraemon and Shinchan.

japanese interior designSource:pinterest.comjapanese interior designSource:freshome.comjapanese interior designSource:impressiveinteriordesign.comjapanese interior designSource:home-designing.comjapanese interior

Tatami floors- Tatami floor in a Japanese house is a mat floor. It is made up of rice straw. It is a traditional lifestyle of the people of Japan. The people use to sleep and eat on the floor. The floor gives a soft feel to the feet.

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