How to Incorporate a Floating Wall Mount TV Stand into a Minimalist Home Decor
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On May 10, 2023

A floating wall mount TV stand is an exceedingly good option for adding or incorporating a broad piece of furniture, such as a television, inside a constricted and cramped room. The furnishing enables individuals to place or install the television vertically above the ground. In other words, it opens up the floor space the electronic appliance would have consumed, offering the remaining area to other furniture.  

Generally, a floating wall mount TV stand has several purposes, with the primary one being storage. On top of that, it offers an excellent space-saving option for people with compact homes. In conventional cases and scenarios, the stand gets paired with the television and adds to the home décor.

However, some people may find it arduous to add and incorporate a floating wall mount TV stand in a room or home with less open space. It is predominately because the entire design and layout of the area would depend on the TV and its stand. 

In this article, let us deliberate on different things to consider when incorporating a floating wall mount TV stand into minimalistic home decor. 


floating wall mount TV stand


The size of the TV stand is the first thing an individual should consider before incorporating it in their homes. The best way to determine that is to compare it with the dimensions of the television with which it would go. The stand must be broad enough to accommodate the electronic appliance. It remains true even if the television gets placed directly on it or mounted on the wall. 

On the other hand, the floating wall mount TV stand should not be exceedingly large compared to the TV. It destroys the space’s aesthetic appeal and takes up too much area. 

Storage Options

floating wall mount TV stand


A floating wall mount TV stand must provide ample storage space and options. In other words, it must have shelves and drawers to allow the users to keep their items and objects. The cabinets may be open or closed. 

It is essential to consider the weight capacity of the TV stand before its purchase and addition to the home décor. It helps ensure that the furniture does not break but remains in perfect condition throughout its usage. 

On top of that, it is vital to keep minimal things inside the TV stand when using it as a storage option. It, in turn, ensures that the entire area does not look untidy and cramped. In addition to that, it allows the furnishing to go well with the rest of the room. 

Vertical Expansion

floating wall mount TV stand


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Sometimes, it helps to have the floating wall mount TV stand expand vertically instead of horizontally when incorporating it into a room. It is possible through customization of the furnishing. Nevertheless, such options are also available in the market without personalization. 

The vertical expansion of the TV stand helps save immense space inside a constricted or cramped room. It is because it can offer more storage areas and options to keep multiple objects. Otherwise, there would have been a need for a separate compartment, often in the form of another furnishing. 

On top of that, the vertical expansion of the TV stand helps highlight the electronic appliance. Accordingly, the rest of the furniture in the room can get placed around the television to make the space more appealing and comfortable. 


floating wall mount TV stand


It is essential to consider the color when incorporating a floating wall mount TV stand in a minimalistic home décor. Generally, these interior designs have light and neutral hues and shades that offer an open and expansive feel. It stands true even if the space is cramped and constricted in actuality. For that reason, the color of the TV stand should be such that it does not destroy the existing feel of the area or room. 

Generally, it is safe to go with a monotone and dark color of the TV stand. It helps contrast with the rest of the space. It, in turn, allows the television and the area around it to stand out, going well with the entire room. 

However, TV stands with exceedingly bright colors and unusual patterns get highlighted inappropriately, making the room look clustered and cramped. It is crucial to avoid that at all costs.

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