How To Choose A Deck For Your Home
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On April 3, 2021

Having an outdoor living space such as a deck or a patio is like having a room adjacent to your home. It serves as an additional hangout place for family and guests. It can also add beauty to your home’s façade. In most cases, having a deck is also a way to increase a property’s value. A deck contractor Richmond VA will tell you that adding a deck is one of the best investments you can add to your home.

Adding a deck is not an easy feat. You can rely on a professional deck contractor if you want to have an amazing deck to use. DIY might work if you want to exercise your creativity and skills but without proper tools and equipment, you might end up with delayed construction and wasted money. Before you start picking a deck builder to help you with your project, let us figure out first how to choose a deck for your home.

Factors to Anticipate When Selecting A Deck for Your Home


Deck For Your Home


You can use your deck to entertain visitors outdoors. If you live in Richmond VA where the weather is always inviting for outdoor activity, then you should build a deck. As a bonus, finding a deck contractor Richmond VA that you can trust is easy.

You can also build a deck to make your garden more inviting. A small deck in the center of your garden can serve as your reading place or coffee haven in the morning. When it comes to building a deck, you can consider its use and it should be practical.

Materials to Use

Deck For Your Home


There are three popular options when it comes to deck materials. If you are on a tight budget, go for pressure-treated lumber. If you are planning to have a more sophisticated deck, composite decks are for you. It can be made of fiberglass with an additional touch of natural wood (if you wanted to). The third type of deck material that you can consider is hardwood. This is the most expensive among the different types of deck materials.

You have to understand that the cheaper the material is, the higher the maintenance cost will be. Woods are prone to rotting if not maintained properly while fiberglass requires less maintenance and care, but more expensive. Hardwood on the other hand is highly durable and can stand heavy traffic.

The Design

Deck For Your Home


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Are you planning to have a ground deck, a roof deck, or a raised deck? These are three common deck designs that you can choose from. From there, you can decide about the shape or style of the deck.

Ground decks are easier to access and are easier to integrate with your existing outdoor landscape (say garden or pool). It is also the easiest to design for deck contractors. If your outdoor space has uneven terrain, a raised deck is for you. Your deck builder can provide you the best height of the deck to avoid covering your home. If you don’t have enough space in your yard but you want to have an additional outdoor space, adding a roof deck is your best shot. A deck contractor in Richmond VA can easily make it a reality for you.

Your Deck Contractor’s Role

Deck For Your Home


Now that you have a basic understanding of what deck to have, you can start looking for a deck contractor. Find a deck builder that can check your planned design and offers an honest opinion to make your project a success. A professional deck builder would start with design planning, do an inspection of the site and oversee the project during construction. Your deck contractor should also provide you a contract and will update you constantly on the project’s progress.

Professional deck contractors also offer their skills in making specialty decks or decks that aim to make your home cozier. These are decks with different shapes, pool decks, multi-levels, or under decks. Building these decks requires experience, skills, tools, and proper equipment to build an awesome-looking deck.

Final Thoughts

A deck is an awesome add-on to any home. With the right deck design, it can complement and make your home more striking and inviting. If you choose a great material for your deck, you can be looking at a great investment that can last you for years with minimal maintenance requirements. In case you will have to sell your home, your deck is an assurance of its higher value as compared to other properties in your area as well.

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