12 Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day Without Knowing
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On March 25, 2021


We are all aware that germs will make us ill, from the common cold virus, which saps our vitality, to bacteria such as E. coli or salmonella, which cause stomach upset.

Germs, also known as microbes, are small creatures in the air, soil, water, and fruit, plants, and animals. Most germs are not hazardous; rather, they aid us in producing vitamins, the maintenance of digestive and immune system health, and the breakdown of food into nutrients.

Some bacteria, on the other hand, cause chaos, leaving people sick or even killing them. As you might have guessed, our personal belongings are much more filthy than we believe.

Your mobile phone or laptop

this to know before touch

source: thebalancecareers.com

According to a 2018 survey, smartphones and laptops could be at least six times filthier than toilet seats. Using your phone when using the restroom can pick up different microscopic fragments of semen, waste, and other microbes.

It is best to use disinfectant wipes to scrub your mobile and tablet regularly. You could also use a microfiber cloth that has been soaked in 70% alcohol. Do not take your phone into the bathroom with you for your protection.


Paper money comprises 75% cotton and 25% linen, making it a perfect environment for bacteria to take up residence. When you consider that most capital remains in existence for five to 15 years, it is frightening to think about how filthy it is!

According to a study published last year, there are thousands of varieties of microorganisms on the currency. These viruses will get into your hands and finally into your mouths unless you wash your hands thoroughly every time.

Water tap carriers

this to know before touch

source: cloudfront.net

The bacteria count on bathroom faucet handles was 20 times higher than on a toilet seat. The kitchen faucet is much greater, with more than 40 times the number of microbes.

The issue is that not everyone who comes into contact with these items washes their hands thoroughly. Do not be one of them! After using the restroom, before and after touching food, and before and after frying, wash your hands.

Power Controls and Door Locks

If bathroom faucet handles are contaminated with bacteria or viruses, doorknobs and hinges will be. All door knobs, light switches, keypads, and other high-touch materials, in particular, are doomed. Please do not neglect to clean them with antibacterial wipes or a disinfectant-soaked fabric.

Water bottles

this to know before touch

source: usatoday.com

Do you still have a plastic water bottle in your bag? Transitioning to metal may be a good idea. Microorganisms can bind to plastic, build up, and form a biofilm, which promotes their growth.”

While not all of these germs can cause illness, it is best to be careful and clean anything inside your water bottle with a bottle brush every day, particularly if it is being filled with something besides water.

Gym attire

Sweaty fitness clothing is not only unattractive: it is also dangerous: It may also hold infections from the gym, such as rhinovirus and staph. But, certain gym clothes are worn several times before being washed if that was not bad enough.

“The time between washings not only helps germs to incubate, but it also provides an atmosphere favorable to mold development. Make it a routine to wash your workout clothes after – session.”

House keys

this to know before touch

source: gizmodo.com.au

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When’s the last time you cleaned or disinfected your house keys or your car keys? I am certain that the answer is – Never! We deal with them daily, but we never consider them disgusting. They do, though, prefer to become a stable host for bacteria that cause disease. It is a smart thing to disinfect them now and then.

Shopping carts

If you intend to treat shopping carts, bring disinfectant wipes with you. They have been known to contain bacteria like E. coli since customers often hold raw meat and then contact the cart handles, passing the germs. If you do not have any wipes on hand, sterilize your hands after using the cart!


this to know before touch

source: pinterest.com

Each day, shoes come into touch with the earth. Consider how many places you walk on a regular day. Consider where you put your shoes should you have to wear them. Do you have a backpack? Is it a purse? If you have a gym bag? Placing your shoes in your private bags adds to the germs and bacteria they already have, putting your health in peril.

Your personal purses

Purses and backpacks accompany us almost everywhere. The main exception is that mobile phones are not usually left on the concrete when you are sitting down. Bags and backpacks touch so many surfaces that they harbor more microbes than toilets that can accommodate flush. This bacterial then globs onto your purse’s contents, ready to attack.


this to know before touch

source: digitaltrends.com

You most often eat while working on your computer or laptop. Your fingers are on those keyboards for about 8 hours per day, and those hands can hit a lot of different stuff in the meantime. All of this leads to a build-up of grime and microscopic risk factors on your screen.

As a result, please ensure to dust your screen keyboard regularly. Wipe off the panel as well while you are at it.


Every day, thousands of people contact an ATM, and not everyone washes their hands beforehand. In short, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes may be picked up from the buttons or the screen.

Or even worse, ATM cash is prone to be contaminated with pathogens. Since using an ATM, wash your hands immediately. Far better, invest in an antimicrobial hand shield that can neutralize pathogens.


It all boils down to the fact that you can never tell how clean or filthy something is just by gazing at it. Although washing your hands is always the safest way to shield yourself from illness and avoid it, there is no risk in adding another layer of protection. Most importantly, pay more attention to your basic hygiene. After all, it is easier to be safe rather than sorry. 

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