Does Your Roof Need Some Tending To? These 3 Signs Will Tell You
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On August 29, 2019

Homeowners often fail to pay attention to their roof until something goes wrong. They may have the gutters cleaned twice a year and assume that is enough. However, roofing systems should be examined a minimum of twice a year, including once in the spring and once in the fall, to detect problems early. What are three signs your roof is in need of attention? 

Granules in the GuttersGranules in the Gutters


When cleaning the gutters, look for granules from the roofing shingles. Over time, the granules on the shingles tend to shed. This problem is most common in roofs that are twenty years old but may actually appear at any time. When the granules are lost, the shingles become less resistant to the elements and leave the home vulnerable to damage. In the event the roof is fairly new, homeowners need to learn why their roof is failing early, and a roofing company can help get to the root cause of the problem. Read this at Tittle Brothers Construction for more information on this and other roofing problems one may encounter.  



Visit the attic and see if there are any signs of water damage. The shingles may be in need of repair or the issue might be with the roof’s other components. However, don’t become overly concerned until the problem has been diagnosed. It may simply be a matter of the eaves being clogged, which can lead to water not draining correctly. Furthermore, nails and fasteners often become loose with time and, as a result, water may enter the home and lead to this type of damage. Check the roof a minimum of twice a year to catch any problems early, as problems tend to be less costly to fix when discovered quickly. A small leak can bring about major issues in the home if not addressed promptly. 

Mold GrowthMold Growth

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Mold or moss may begin to grow on a roof or the interior of the home when the roof begins to develop leaks. Any time the water makes its way into the inner portions of the roof, wet patches develop that may bring about mold or moss. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this from happening, but a professional roof cleaning service from Presh Clean can help you to resolve the issue.

Mold is easy to spot when it makes its way into the inner portion of the roof. However, finding it on the exterior can be difficult. Look for dark streaks on the roofing materials. If any are spotted, it is time to call a roofer in and have the problem identified and resolved. Going up on the roof at this time is not wise, as the homeowner cannot know the extent of the damage and might be harmed during the process. Nevertheless, this problem must be addressed immediately, as mold growth leads to health issues in many individuals. 

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Never ignore a problem with your home’s roof. Doing so can be very costly. It’s best to call the professionals in as soon as the homeowner suspects one or more components of the roofing system are failing. Addressing the issue early can help keep costs down. More importantly, doing so helps to protect the home, its occupants, and the contents. Keep this in mind, and have regular roof inspections carried out. Those who do so find they spend less money maintaining the roof and achieve more peace of mind. 

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