Essential Tree Care Tips to Keep It Healthy
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On March 18, 2021

We call trees our friends. But what are friends who don’t know how to take care of each other? Let’s look at it this way; trees provide us with shade, shelter, food. They purify the air and, most importantly, give us oxygen. But in return, all we have done so far is destroying the forest to fulfill our filthy interests. But, people like you are exceptions. 

As a tree lover, your primary job is to take care of trees. Gardening is not an easy job. Instead, trees are possibly the most vulnerable and hardest working part of our garden. Therefore, to ease your hard work, we have mentioned some essential tree care tips below. These tree care tips will ensure you keep your garden in sound health.

Choose the Right Plant

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Choosing the right plant is among the most crucial steps you’re likely to face here. The right choice lets you enjoy your garden for the years to come. It is wise to choose a species that can adapt to your climate and the specific conditions of light, soil, and space at the planting site.

You can go to your nearby nursery who can assist you through the process and find you the exact tree you should be looking for. 

Observe Your Trees

Tree care does not end at sowing the seed or planting a sapling. Proper tree care is much more than that. You need to observe them and respond to any visible changes they make. 

Trees are prone to many diseases. The sooner you detect, the better chances of recovery. If you see any significant changes, such as rapid discoloration or stunted growth, call an arborist (a specialist in tree care). 

An arborist report can help you find the cause and fight it accordingly. Arborist report provides you with detailed information about your trees, such as their species, potential risks, condition, structure, form, etc. Observing your tree is, therefore, necessary to eliminate these risks and get treatment in time. 

Water Them Properly

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Like every other living species, trees also require proper watering, especially the young ones. A significant portion of a tree’s health depends on water. They need it to make Oxygen.

Watering needs to be done in a proper manner. Water deep enough to saturate the entire root area (For grown-up trees, 2-3 feet deep), but avoid over-watering. Over-watering can damage the roots and cause death to the plant. 

Now, let the soil partially dry before watering it again. It’s better if you avoid using lawn sprinklers for the job. They are unable to wet deeper that can cause shallow-rooted trees.

Fertilize as Required

Trees soak water and essential nutrients out of the soil using their roots. These elements help them prepare their food and oxygen for us. So, a required tree care method is ensuring that your soil is fertile. 

Fertilizers play a vital role in tree growth. Even though the matured trees manage their food alone, the younger ones may need occasional fertilizing. The quantity and type of fertilizer depend on your soil.

Over-feeding can have an adverse effect on trees. Therefore, feed as required. Observing your trees will help you detect changes. Feed your trees only if you notice they are growing unwell or have yellowing foliage.


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Taking care of your trees isn’t at all a laborious job. Hence, it is better to take some precautions. We have already talked about how much trees are vulnerable. Therefore, mulching is one of the best ways to keep them safe. So, how does mulch help?

It cools the soil, improves its texture, conserves moisture, and reduces weeds. Mulch protects the trees from over-fertilizing and over-watering. Apply 2-3 inches thick organic mulch and keep it away from the tree bark.  Don’t forget to remove the older mulch the older mulch before you put on a new layer.


It is a vital tree care information that pruning slows the growth of a tree. After all, trees need to recover before growing any further. But pruning also enhances the strength and structure of your trees.

The best time to prune is when there are dead or cracked limbs due to strong wind or a rainstorm. Take your time and prune your tree slowly. Pruning can be a messy task, but it is worth it. 


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Tree care is not a time-consuming job. Even if you can manage 10 minutes twice a week, you can do more than just fine. Now that you know all about tree care, it’s time to implement these tips right away. That said, we will meet you again as you come back seeking any further guidance.

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