From Beetles to Borers: 3 Types of Insects That Harm to Your Trees
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On February 27, 2021

The trees in a yard provide many benefits. They are aesthetically pleasing, provide shade, and offer shelter for birds and other wildlife. However, trees can also harbor all types of wood-destroying insects.

While there are companies like Tucker Enterprise that can help with all types of tree-related issues, knowing the signs of a problem is essential. Some of the most common insects that may be impacting trees in any residential or commercial property can be found below.

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1.Chewing Insects

The hallmark of chewing insects is the unsightly damage they cause when they feed on the wood, needles, or leaves. Because of these issues, the presence of chewing insects is usually quite noticeable. The repeated loss of leaves or cases of severe infestations over multiple years can reduce the tree’s ability to thrive and grow. In some cases, it may even kill the tree.

Some of the signs of these insects include holes in the leaves, unreasonable loss of leaves, complete leaf removal, which is called Skeletonization, or the presence of insects and their nests. The most common types of chewing insects include leaf miners, leaf beetles, webworms, oak processionary moths, tent caterpillars, gypsy moths, cankerworms, and winter moths.

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2.Sucking Insects

Another type of insect that may be impacting and damaging the trees in and around your home is those that suck. These insects will suck sap and nutrients from the plants using a needle-like mouth. The pests may remain undetected for several years because they are very small. Virtually all types of trees are at risk of these pests. The good news is that it is possible to prevent these pests.

Some of the signs of these insects include premature leaf drop, loss of needles, branch or tip dieback, withered leaves, sooty mold coating, and sticky sap. Some of the sucking insects that may be found in a tree include adelgids, psyllids, mites, whiteflies, and aphids.

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3.Boring Insects

Boring insects are considered the most destructive types of pests found in trees. These pests will tunnel inside the tree and feed on the inner bark. This type of internal damage makes it impossible for the treat to move nutrients and water, which will eventually result in the death of the tree. Usually, boring insects will appear after another type of insect has already invaded the tree.

Some of the signs of boring insects include sawdust, loss of leaves, and exit holes in the branches and trunk. The most common boring insects that are found in trees include bark beetles, weevils, two-lined chestnut borer, emerald ash borer, bronze birch borer, ambrosia beetle, and the Asian long-horned beetle.

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Call for Help from the Professionals

When it comes to the health and stability of the trees in and around your property, it is essential to take the presence of insects seriously. As time passes, if the issues are not addressed the insects may cause serious damage or kill the tree.

At the first sign of a problem be sure to call the professionals for a full evaluation. They can determine what the best treatment option is to ensure the ongoing health and well-being of the tree in question. Being informed is the best way to ensure the tree does not die or suffer more serious damage.

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