17 Creative Styles of Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures
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On August 17, 2022

Designing the area around a big tree gives you many choices. And you must apply your creativity to implement it successfully. For those seeking inspiration, exploring landscaping ideas around trees pictures can provide a plethora of creative and visually stunning options to spark your imagination.

By using the landscaping ideas around a tree provided below, you may transform those bleak areas by including color, texture, and other design elements—while still protecting the tree’s health—to create the envy of the neighborhood for your yard.

What should I put around the base of my trees?

Around the base of your trees, a smart choice is adding a layer of mulch. This not only looks good but also keeps the soil happy by holding on to moisture, fighting off weeds, and maintaining a steady temperature. Go for wood chips or bark for a natural vibe or pick decorative stones for a modern touch. 

Now, if you’re curious about more exciting landscaping ideas around trees, dive into the suggestions below!

17 Landscaping Ideas Around Trees With Picture You’ll Love!

Flower box under the tree

landscaping around trees

source: gardeningknowhow.com

Create a flower box that’s a real showstopper. Use vibrant marigolds, petunias, and zinnias. These plants add a burst of color like they’re throwing a party right in your garden.  If you are looking for plants with a good fragrance, select lavender or roses. No need to worry about landscaping around tree roots. Just plant these lively blooms in your garden, and they’ll fit right in.

And let’s not forget about herbs like basil or mint. They’re not just a treat for your nose but also super handy in the kitchen. Remember to match your blooms with the season—think daffodils and tulips for a spring vibe, or sunflowers to make a summer statement. Want to keep things simple? 

Go for low-maintenance plants like succulents or marigolds. Play around with heights for a dynamic look. Don’t forget to shower them with the right amount of water and sunlight. Get set to impress your neighbors with a flower bed around tree that’s nothing short of stunning.

Grow a shade garden with a patio 

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: pinterest.com

Got some big shade trees around? Turn that into your cozy spot with a patio that lets in just the right amount of sunbeams. Add a small coffee table and chairs according to the space. Your cozy patio in the natural shade is ready.

Weave a pergola for multiple trees

source: rickyhil.com

A pergola adds style to your landscape around trees ideas. When you have green surroundings, it adds value. Hang plants for shade and imagine relaxing in the filtered sunlight. It’s a chic way to blend structure with the natural charm of your garden.

Build a tree deck around its root

landscaping around trees

source: digginginthegarden.com

Craft a cool wooden deck around a tree – it’s both practical and charming. This deck fits seamlessly into landscaping ideas around tree roots. People love wooden decks because they match the outdoorsy vibe. So, not only does it cover those roots, but it also gives you a sweet spot to chill in the shade and enjoy the tree’s beauty.

Plants some flowers having bulbs 

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: The Spruce.com

Even when the tree is bare, it can still offer appeal to the landscaping around the tree. Early bulbs will develop before the tree is in full leaf, so you won’t have to worry about fighting against shade. It is difficult to underplant a tree since there is a risk of causing damage to the tree’s roots. 

Landscape ideas around a tree often involve planting bulbs, which won’t be very wide, so you only need to plant them about three inches deep. Mostly, garden lovers dig a hole that is three times as deep as the bulb is wide. It is a general idea.

Plant Espaliered Trees in a Landscaped Area

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: pinterest.com

Enhance your outdoor space by planting espaliered trees, like apples or cherries, known for their unique, flat growth against walls or trellises. Get healthy saplings from local nurseries, suitable for your weather. Plant in sunny spots, and use strong supports. Trim regularly to keep a cool look. With care, these trees add charm to your yard.

Circular Bench Around The Tree

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: pinterest.com

If you see landscaping under trees pictures, you will find a brilliant idea – a circle-shaped bench encircling a sizable tree. This not only provides a shaded spot for relaxation but also introduces a visually appealing focal point to the entire garden design.

Many firms offer better-looking benches for trees, ranging from complex cast-iron designs with an outmoded feel to classic wooden styles that infuse a timeless country charm into your outdoor space. It’s a wonderfully simple yet telling landscaping idea around trees, enhancing both comfort and aesthetics in your garden.

Hedging for a neat look

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: pinterest.com

When jazzing up your yard with landscaping ideas around tree roots, consider spicing things up with a box or privet hedge. It’s not just about looking good; it’s practical too. Especially if you’re using loose mulch to fend off weeds. Wrap a lively hedge around your tree bed, adding a dash of character to the whole scene.

This works like magic over a bigger area, blending paths with plant borders or lawns with plant borders. So, by tossing in a low hedge around your trees, you’re organizing better. Also, you’re crafting a rocking garden vibe that grooves with the roots.

Retaining Wall Around a Tree

landscaping around trees

source: pinterest.com

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Building a cool wall around a tree adds charm to your yard. It boosts curb appeal, gives a tidy look, and adds depth. You can use various stones or ready-made pavers for this. Stones are easier to work with, especially uniform-sized pavers or flat stones. While you could use wood, we’re focusing on stones here because they last longer. 

A stone wall protects the soil and the tree better than pavers. Rock pavers create a charming circular bed around trees, offering space for flowers and small bushes. A landscape around trees with rocks is a practical and fantastic idea to try out.

Raised Border Planting

landscaping around trees

source: pinterest.com

You can elevate the soil level around the trunk of your tree by building a boundary around it. By doing this, you can underplant the tree without endangering its roots while also giving it essential nutrition. Additionally, it produces a clean look that complements a trimmed grass or a gravel driveway. 

You have control over the condition of the soil where your plants are being grown thanks to raised beds. A raised garden bed is nothing more than a mound of dirt or a small bed of soil raised above the surrounding grade. Creating a deep, wide growth area that promotes plant roots to spread outward is the aim.

Raw Of Trees Along The Path

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: publicdomainpictures.net

Using miniature trees to border your garden path ideas is a great way to create a landscape around trees effect. Although this style is frequently found in formal gardens, it never goes out of style. Choose a light-toned color for the pavers on your walk. All day long, the above leaf shadows will create a stunning feeling of movement.

It offers a tasteful separation between a walkway and a lawn. To create the impression of a low-maintenance rustic garden, underplant with sweet-smelling lavender.

Create an Urban Jungle Around a Tree

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: pinterest.com

‘Japanese spurge’ offers year-round resilient ground cover and thrives in dappled shade. It grows beautifully behind trees, as seen in this urban sanctuary, and in the spring, it blooms with fragrant white flowers.

You wouldn’t believe you were in the heart of London with a view like this thanks to the addition of tree ferns and magnolia Grandiflora. From the paved seating area just out of frame, the setting offers a revitalizing green view.

Mulch is highly recommended

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: pinterest.com

Enhancing the landscape around a tree involves adding a layer of mulch at its base, offering both color and a solution to hide exposed roots. The choice of mulch shade and type is entirely up to you, providing a customizable touch to your landscape ideas around a tree.

For a vibrant spring display, consider planting crocuses or other flowers amidst the mulch. Alternatively, maintain a green touch by incorporating hostas into the brown or differently colored mulch beneath the tree’s greenery, offering a versatile and appealing landscape idea.

Night Lighting In Trees

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: gardeningetc.com

Setting the ambiance with landscape lighting around your trees is another excellent option. Are you anticipating a leisurely meal with friends? Prepare those refreshments, turn on the light, and invite everyone to spend a lovely evening on the deck.

Who wants to worry about flying beetles coming inside the house while the company is over? Have the surrounding trees light up the sky and turn off the lights at the door.

Make a stone bed

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: thresacorley.blogspot.com

It is one of the most effective landscaping ideas around tree roots. Make a neat stone bed around a tree. It hides the soil and roots. You just make a border and fill it with stones. This makes the area look nice and also helps the soil. It’s a simple way to make your garden look good and natural.

Create a quiet spot using a bench

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: pinterest.com

Place a bench under or near a tree to form a peaceful area. This bench serves as a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty of the tree. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance your garden’s appeal and functionality. To make your quiet spot even more inviting, consider adding some soft outdoor cushions to the bench. 

You could also hang a bird feeder on the tree to attract local birds, adding a touch of nature’s music to your peaceful retreat. If the tree is large enough, hanging a hammock could be another great idea for a lazy afternoon nap.

Put patio pavers around the tree

Landscaping Ideas Around Trees Pictures

source: pinterest.com

Enhance your garden with pavers around tree ideas by placing decorative paving stones at the tree’s base. This not only safeguards the tree roots but also crafts a visually appealing and hard-surfaced area. It’s a practical and stylish landscaping solution to protect and beautify your garden.

To make it more engaging, you could arrange the pavers in a unique pattern or choose pavers of different colors and shapes. This will add a personal touch to your outdoor space

landscaping around trees

source: pinterest.com

landscaping around trees

source: goodshomedesign.com


For a quick and simple solution, shade-loving plants are ideal to place around a tree’s base. Hostas, dicentra, and promise are all shade-tolerant plants that will give a splash of greens below your tree and all will yield beautiful blossoms. As an alternative, evergreen ferns will give your yard a rustic, woods atmosphere.

When planting next to a tree, take care not to damage any roots when you pull up any weeds and scratch the earth’s surface with a garden fork because the dirt might be quite compacted. To avoid weeds, you can surround a tree with anything from gravel or bark mulch to decking. We hope these landscaping ideas around trees will help you to create your home garden perfectly.

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