Why Exterior Steel Doors Are the Top Choice for Contemporary Architects
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On February 24, 2024

Investing in robust, high quality steel security doors is one of the best ways to enhance protection and deter potential intruders for industrial, commercial or residential buildings. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about premium customised steel security doors.

A top-grade steel security door offers unparalleled durability while providing an aesthetically pleasing design. With custom options, advanced locking mechanisms and fire safety compliance, steel doors deliver multi-layered defence tailored to your exact specifications.

Why Choose an Industrial Grade Steel Security Door?

Exterior Steel Doors

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Steel doors provide vastly improved protection over regular front doors in homes or lightweight commercial entrances in warehouses and factories. Constructed from thick galvanised steel with reinforced frames, steel security doors resist forceful entry attempts that could easily damage standard wooden doors.

With custom sizing available, steel security doors suit various settings, from apartment front entrances to industrial warehouse cargo bays. Their durability withstands decades of heavy use with minimal maintenance. Aesthetically, black steel doors offer a clean visual appeal, blending modern or traditional styles.

What Security Features Do Steel Doors Offer?

A commercial grade steel security door forms a formidable protective barrier with:

  • Thick steel construction around 1.2mm – 3mm for maximum strength
  • Reinforced steel frames that prevent spreading if attacked
  • Multiple advanced security locking points to securely fasten door
  • Custom reinforcements around locks and hinges
  • Tamper-proof design without exposed screw points
  • Peep holes and wide viewers for checking visitors

Proper installation aligning with wall frames and using anti-tamper frames provides further security. High grade steel resists physical attacks from intruders attempting to kick down or pry open doors.

How Customisable Are Steel Security Doors?

Exterior Steel Doors

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A major advantage of steel over wooden doors is the capacity to customise sizing and features. During manufacturing, expert technicians can fabricate doors and frames to your exact specifications, including:

  • Width/height adjustments to suit entrances down to 1mm
  • Choice of hinge side to open inwards or outwards
  • Lock types (deadlocks, panic bars, etc) and locations
  • Access control compatibility for electronic systems
  • Vision panels, louvres, and mesh inserts, if needed
  • Colour/finish selection from standard or custom powder coating

With bespoke fabrication, each steel door can match unique requirements. This versatility suits unusual security needs in factories, storage depots and other commercial settings.

Do Steel Doors Offer Fire Safety and Exit Compliance?

Meeting fire safety regulations is essential for buildings requiring evacuation capacity. Steel security doors maintain integrity to contain fires better than wooden doors. Specific fire-rated steel door products tested to BS476 Part 22 achieve Certifire approval.

For fire exits, outward opening single or double panic bar doors suit human traffic flow. Self-closing mechanisms provide automatic containment after use to suppress fire spread. Even in normal use, the durability of steel doors lasts through years of busy activity.

What Steel Door Specifications Should I Choose?

Exterior Steel Doors

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With custom steel doors, you first select an appropriate balance of specifications to suit your exact security needs. Key considerations when choosing steel door specifications include:

What Strength and Thickness Rating is Needed?

Steel door strength ratings help determine the thickness and type of steel required. Common ratings include:

  • PAS 23 and 24 – certified and tested security against physical attack
  • FD30 and FD60 – 30 or 60 minute fire door rating
  • 44mm or 54mm thicknesses – indicates sturdiness

Do you need basic security deterrence or protection against sustained, aggressive intruder attacks? Areas prone to vandalism or in isolated locations benefit from extra robust construction rated to PAS 24.

What Locking Mechanisms Suit Your Situation?

A major source of strength comes from multi-point locking mechanisms securely fastening doors at hinges, central locking points and bolts at edges. Commercial steel security doors usually incorporate:

  • 3+ hinge bolts to prevent lift-off removal
  • 1-3 heavy central deadlocks operated by key or internal thumb-turn
  • Shootbolts top and bottom for extra strength with automatic throw features

Other options include electronic access control, push bar panic exits and external key overrides.

What Material Finishes Work Best?

Exterior Steel Doors

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Steel allows versatility in finishes, from a standard mill finish look through to slick cosmetic powder coating in diverse colour options. Key choices include:

  • Mill finish galvanised steel – cost effective raw steel appearance showing welding detail
  • Powder coating – colourful smooth, long lasting exterior grade finish
  • Woodgrain coating – renders depth and warmth if matching wooden construction

Consider visual aesthetics, exposure to weather and cost preferences when selecting finishes. Powder coating in standard white, black or silver provides a clean, contemporary look.

How Are Steel Security Doors Installed and Maintained?

Proper steel door installation ensures correct operation, security and longevity. While hidden fixings limit tampering, hinges and locking points remain vulnerable if poorly fitted. Several installation steps help maximise sturdiness:

Accurate Frame Alignment

Misalignment compromises locking strength and weatherproofing by distorting door gaps. Check that the verticals and horizontals sit perfectly at 90 degree angles. Use packers or wedges to adjust before finally fixing the structure.

Secure Anchoring Points

Exterior Steel Doors

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Fixings through reinforced frame sections into surrounding walls greatly improve frame stability. For outward opening doors, blocking points left in walls during construction allow deeply recessed frame screws.

Adjust Locks and Strikes For Smooth Operation

Fine tune locks and corresponding strike plate positions for easy locking without binding on handles. Closing and deadlocking should feel smooth and natural.

Following installation, performing 6 month maintenance checks ensures reliable functioning:

  • Inspect weatherstrips and rubber seals around frames. Replace if loose or ripped.
  • Lubricate locking bolts and hinge pins if there are signs of stiffness when operating.
  • Check that frame fixings remain secure. Tighten screws as needed.
  • Clean out drainage channels underneath sweep seals at the base of the door.

Why Choose Bradbury Group for Your Steel Security Door Needs?

As the UK’s leading steel door provider, Bradbury Group offers an extensive range with excellent craftsmanship and customer service. With over 50 years of industry experience, our expertise helps clients determine ideal specifications for their exact requirements.

Bradbury Group committed to delivering custom doors within 15 working days from order, compared to the 6-8 weeks often needed when importing from overseas. Production from our UK factory allows responsive service if any adjustments are necessary after delivery and installation.

From small personnel doors to industrial scale double door sets, Bradbury Group provides galvanised and powder coated steel doors purpose-built to order. No minimum order quantities make Bradbury Group accessible to large corporations and private individuals.

Trust Bradbury Group UK-made product quality and responsive support for all steel security door purchases. For advice or queries, contact the helpful Bradbury Group customer service team. Invest in lasting, durable protection with customised steel doors precisely tailored to your needs.

To Summarise Key Points:

Exterior Steel Doors

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  • Steel doors offer significantly better intruder protection than normal wooden doors
  • Thick steel construction with reinforced frames provides maximum durability
  • Custom manufacturing allows steel doors to match any opening dimensions or feature needs
  • Upgrade aesthetics with colour/finish options, including powder coating and woodgrain effect
  • Multi-point locks, shootbolts and hinge bolts defend against forceful entry
  • Smooth installation aligning frames and fixing securely maximise long term reliability
  • Bradbury Group’s UK-based production delivers fast lead times for urgent projects

For unparalleled quality bespoke steel doors designed around your exact specifications, discover the Bradbury Group extensive product range today.

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