How Garage Doors Mooresville Enhance Your Home's Security And Aesthetics
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On December 9, 2021

Your garage door is among the most significant parts of your home. And yet, it is usually one of the most neglected parts as well. 

However, your garage door does more than just provide an enclosed space for your car, tools, or garden equipment. It has a significant contribution in terms of your overall home security and curb appeal. 

This article talks about how installing or replacing a garage door can make your home safer and aesthetically pleasing. 

Garage Doors And Home Security

Garage Doors


Your home only becomes safe when you strengthen the weakest entry point. And for most homes, that point of entry is your garage door. An old or damaged garage door often take the backseat in terms of upgrading security. 

According to statistics, over 1 million burglaries happen every year in the US. Roughly speaking, one burglary happens at least every 30 seconds. Most of these occurrences are home break-ins. And almost 10% of burglars will enter a property through the garage. 

A malfunctioning or poorly maintained garage door can become an open invitation for thieves to enter your house. 

This is why having a new garage door can help prevent thieves and burglars from getting into your home. Newly-installed garage doors don’t have any weak spots that robbers can take advantage of. 

If you live in Mooresville, North Carolina, and want to replace or upgrade your garage door to enhance security, consider consulting Queen City Garage Doors – Mooresville. They are a locally-owned and operated company providing high-quality garage door services for over 15 years. 

Modern Garage Door Security To Protect Your Home

Garage Doors


In addition, getting a new garage door is also the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home security. Most garage doors today are motorized and can accommodate smart security technologies. For instance, a smart garage door opener allows you to monitor activity in your garage through notifications sent to your mobile phone. Not only does it provide convenience, but it also allows for better protection. With a simple press of a button, your garage door will open, close, and lock automatically.

Older systems tend to be vulnerable to attack by thieves who are determined to force open the door or hack the remote’s code. However, new smart door openers today use revolving codes that can’t be predicted or captured. 

In addition, this technology can be controlled via smartphone, allowing you to monitor the status of your garage door. You will receive a warning on your smartphone if someone tries to open it and will alert the police immediately in case there’s a security breach. 

Obscure The Inside From Prying Eyes

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Most homeowners opt for garage doors with windows. This can liven up the look of your garage door and let natural light in. However, thieves and burglars are apt to peer through windows to look for any expensive tool to snatch. They take note of the times when all cars leave, which is a perfect opportunity for them to break into people’s houses. 

Fortunately, most garage doors today feature windows with frosted film or a blurry design to keep criminals from seeing what’s inside while still letting light pass through. 

Garage Doors And The Exterior Aesthetics

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Your garage door covers up to 30% of your exterior façade. Occupying a third of your home’s exterior, garage doors quickly catch the eyes of passersby and visitors. It is also one of the most prominent elements of your home that adds to its overall value. 

In fact, garage door replacement has the highest ROI out of all home remodeling projects with almost 95% of the cost recouped. 

Installing a new garage door can help make your home look modern. You have a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from. Some of the most common options that instantly boost curb appeal include:

Steel Doors 

Steel doors are costly; however, they are worthy of your investment. They offer a classic look with excellent durability and protection. 

Aluminum And Glass Doors

Garage Doors


Doors made up of aluminum and glass give garage doors a modern look. This type of garage door allows for consistency with the rest of your home’s exterior for a more aesthetic appeal. Plus, it also boasts functionality and ease of use. 

Wooden Doors

For a more rustic ambiance, a wooden garage door is perfect for homes surrounded by lush landscapes, creating a soothing sensation to the eyes. 


And there you have it! As you can see, garage doors don’t only provide access to your garage or an enclosed space where you can park your car or store other items. They are an essential aspect for minimizing the risk of burglaries and boosting your house’s overall value. 

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