Suggestions to Win the Fight Against Porch Pirates
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On October 27, 2020

Porch piracy is a big problem. Millions of Americans get their packages swiped from their porch, and the issue continues to run rampant despite all the efforts from police and other authorities.

It seems like thieves do not care enough about the consequences and are taking risks. And the packages they could potentially acquire are random. So these thieves do not even know what they are getting.

If you want to prevent porch pirates, you will have to take some action yourself. Here are some suggestions that ought to help in this fight.

Suggestion #1 – Get a Parcel Box

A parcel box is certainly one of the best available options. If a thief cannot get inside, they will simply abandon their operation and go somewhere else.

You can protect your deliveries from porch pirates with a parcel box by purchasing one yourself. It is similar to a mailbox, except that it is bigger, and you can fit larger packages. Unlike with a mailbox, that is meant for letters and other, smaller deliveries.

Only the person with a key to the parcel box is able to open it. So if it is you or someone who you trust and gave the key to, there is no need to worry about something happening to your package.

Suggestion #2 – Install Security Cameras

Porch Pirates

Security cameras are great for not just preventing porch pirates. You will feel safer knowing that any potential threats that approach your house will be caught on camera. And the evidence will be used when the culprit is found. They will not be able to escape punishment.

Just having visible cameras is more than enough to discourage people from approaching your premises. And even if some of those porch pirates have been looking for a package to swipe from someone’s porch, they will think twice after seeing security cameras.

Suggestion #3 – Use Smart Package Lockers

Some stores and other services offer smart package lockers. Only the person with a code can access them and take the package. You may need to pay a few extra dollars, but if it is impossible to pick the delivery in person, such services can be of great use and are worth the money.

Suggestion #4 – Get a Guard Dog

A guard dog is another idea that you could explore. It might be difficult because the delivery person could also have problems approaching the house. However, dogs can be trained and would only get alerted when a questionable person is approaching the porch.

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Barking would alert the neighborhood, and not every porch pirate would be willing to take the risk of approaching a house that has a guard dog.

Suggestion #5 – Ask Neighbor for Help

Porch Pirates

Being in a great relationship with your neighbors has its advantages. And one of those advantages is asking them to collect the package for you.

It is usually possible to rearrange for another address for delivery. If you can get a neighbor to agree in helping you out, you can spend the day not worrying because you will know that your package is in good hands.

Suggestion #6 – Get Amazon Key

Amazon’s key is a neat feature that is still relatively new. It allows deliverymen to enter the household. Be it a garage or the home itself; you will know that the package will be left inside and locked. No porch pirate will be able to get their hands on the delivery.

There is an argument to be made about the fact that the Amazon key is an invitation for a stranger to enter your home, meaning that there are safety concerns. However, Amazon employees have good track records overall. Not to mention the fact that hardly anyone would be willing to lose their jobs and get a criminal record.

Suggestion #7 – Reschedule the Delivery

Porch Pirates

If the original delivery time is not good for you, arrange another one. Most delivery companies are pretty amenable and would not find it too troublesome to accommodate to the needs of their customers.

There is also an option to ask for a delivery to the workplace. Though not every employer is happy to see delivery trucks coming and going. On the off chance that such a possibility is available, do not hesitate and make the most out of it. You can even ask for a colleague to take the package on your behalf.

Suggestion #8 – Insure the Packages

Package insurance is not the best method to fight against porch pirates, but it is worth exploring if you are fed up with thefts and continue to lose money.

Look at the available plans of the company that is making the delivery. Do not hesitate and weigh all the pros and cons. And in case you feel like the deal is not worth it, look elsewhere. 

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