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On September 15, 2020

Do you have a new house? If yes, how do you make sure your house is protected from possible burglary? Do you use quality locks or top-of-the-line ones? How about your doors, windows, and fences? Did you make sure they are properly installed?  To further protect your house, install a good alarm and security system.

Benefits of an Alarm and Security System

Alarm and Security System


Do you know that there are over 2.5 million home intrusions that occur each year?  Also, burglars are 300 percent more likely to break into a home without an alarm and security system.

So make sure your family is safe. With a security system, you can rest and sleep well at night. Even when you go to work or on vacation, you feel your house will be safer.

Having an alarm and security system is a deterrent for burglars. If they see this, they are most likely not to proceed with their plans.

Also, you know that for any possible entries, the alarm can go off and scare off the intruders. A CCTV can even show the faces of the intruders. So you can bring these records to the police.

Types of Alarm and Security Systems

There are various types of alarm and security systems. Choose one that you think is more appropriate for your needs. You can decide based on the features, the pros, and the cons.

Alarm and Security System


Wired Home Alarm System

This is the most basic burglar alarm. It uses a low-voltage electrical circuit. All run through wires. For the wired home alarm system, expect that even the cameras are wired.

This flows through in the wires of the doorways and windows. It can be installed in other entry points, as well. The current flows if these openings are shut. When these doors or windows open, it then triggers an alarm as the circuit is disrupted.

The drawback of this system is the installation. Because it uses a lot of wires, it needs a lot of hole drilling within the premises. The owner cannot install this on his own. A professional company should be the one to do this due to its complicated wiring.  

Wireless Home Alarm System

It works the same as the wired home alarm system. But this type of set-up does not use any wires. It has a control panel with sensors. The sensors connect with built-in radio frequency transmitters. If the alarm is triggered, it signals to the control panel. The alarm is then activated.

Note that since this system is wireless, it runs on batteries. So you have to make sure your system and your batteries are working all the time.

Unmonitored Home Alarm System

Alarm and Security System


This type of system needs the owner or someone near the home to alert police for burglars or emergencies. When the system is tripped, it triggers an audible and visual alarm. A monitoring system is not automatically notified though.

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For these reasons, this option is usually less expensive compared to a monitored system. The unmonitored system does not have the same level of protection versus monitored ones. It is because even if the owner has set an alarm alert to the phone, he may be unable to respond immediately. It can be because of a poor signal or he is far from the phone.

Monitored Home Alarm System

This set-up is very reassuring for homeowners. The monitored home alarm system is the highest in technology. This is because it alerts the owner when an emergency happens. More importantly, it automatically notifies the monitoring center operators that provide emergency services.

A monitored home alarm system has several features. One is easy-to-use control panels. It also has wireless keypads and key chains that can be placed in any part of the house or near the house.

There are also motion sensors. Other than these, the monitored system also uses door or window contacts. Plus, it has glass break detectors. These trigger the alarm against intruders.

This system also utilizes mobile solutions. It lets the owner arm and disarm the system. The owner can even set up notifications on his smartphone or computer.

Cellular back-up is also one of the usual features. It prevents weather interference or other possible interferences with landlines. Power supplies that are also uninterruptible are also found in monitored systems. These ensure continuous monitoring of the security system.

Lastly, the monitoring service is the most important feature. It immediately notifies the police in case of a burglar attempt.

Maintaining Alarm and Security System

Alarm and Security System


It is important to check your alarm and security system. Do periodic checks. You may already need security alarm repairs.  You can ask your service provider to go and physically check your alarm and security system. Regular servicing reduces risks of damages that can develop over time.  Attention to your alarm and security system ensures you handle issues that may arise.

When you decide to get an alarm and security system, look for a company that can do regular servicing and is expert in security alarm repairs. For homes, insurance companies also require inspection of the alarm system at least once a year. Maintenance of alarm systems does not only protect you from burglaries.  It can help you with your insurance claims in case of robbery.

To summarize, make sure you protect your house with an effective alarm and security system. Choose the type of system that you need for your house. Do not forget to maintain and do periodic checks to ensure the system is functioning all the time.

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