How to Hide Electric Panel/Circuit Breaker Box: Innovative Ways!
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On June 22, 2022

Electric panel boxes are often regarded as the power hub of any structure. It guarantees consistent distribution of power across all the circuits. Circuit breakers are typically arranged vertically on most distribution boards.

These electric panel boxes serve as building safety guards. Electric panels, on the other hand, are bulky and terrible. These panels are also known to disrupt the appearance and feel of your home.

Furthermore, if you have children in your house, it is usually a good idea to cover these electric panels for their own protection. The good news is that you may be as imaginative as you want when trying to conceal the electric panel box. Here are a few creative ideas to cover electrical panel boxes. Let’s get started!

The Best Ideas to Cover Electrical Panel Box:

Design a Storage Cabinet

Hide Electric Panel Circuit Breaker Box


Another inventive concept for your home is to install a small cabinet or a closet around the circuit breaker box. Cabinets with shallow depths and hinged doors are desirable. These cabinets may be used to store medications as well as other valuables like home keys, papers, and invoices.

Hide Electric Panel With Colourful Paints

Colorful paints are one of the simplest methods to spruce up your circuit breaker panel. The selection of color is crucial in this case. It is always preferable to select hues that contrast with your home’s decor and wall paints.

Another excellent idea is to utilize the same colors as your cabinets and lofts. If you’re stuck, black is one of the safest choices. The possibilities for your imagination are limitless when exploring with colors.

Don’t forget to experiment with all kinds of patterns, such as polka dots and checks, a design element that is easy to incorporate and unusual.

Hide Electric Panel With Pegboard

Hide Electric Panel Circuit Breaker Box


Many of us probably have a circuit panel placed in our basements, right? In most homes, the basement serves as a tool storage place. In this situation, you may cover your circuit panel with a pegboard. Hang some of your hardware or cleaning supplies on your pegboard to keep it functional.

Cover Electric Panel Box With Mirror

Installing a mirror as your cover panel will be great if you prefer having mirrors in your area to provide the illusion of a larger space. Following the procedures, you may use the mirror to build a cover for your circuit panel. However, you may need to construct a solid frame to protect your mirror from harm.

Turn it into a Vanity Corner

Hide Electric Panel Circuit Breaker Box


Installing a cabinet over the electric panel box will allow you to create a little vanity nook. To make the area more attractive, a cabinet of various designs and shapes may be integrated. The most essential thing to remember is to select a cabinet that is much smaller than the electric panel box for quick access.

Create a Message Board

If a mirror is not available, another excellent alternative is to install a blackboard or a magnetic whiteboard. This may be used to make a to-do list. Magnetic chalkboards are the greatest option since they are highly cost-effective. Install a bulletin board and adorn it with posters and motivating messages. This location may also serve as a bulletin board where any information about your household tasks can be recorded and quickly tracked by family members.

Hang a Picture/Painting

Circuit breaker panels are an excellent location for displaying a wall painting or a family portrait. Maintain access to the door when installing the artwork. Select a picture or frame that is slightly larger in size than the circuit breaker box. Using button magnets with a peel-and-stick option is a simple method to hang a work of art. When it is necessary to open the box, simply peel off the image!

Bear In Mind: Before You Cover Electrical Panel Box/Circuit Breaker Box…

Hide Electric Panel Circuit Breaker Box


Remember that fuse boxes, breaker boxes, outlets, and other electrical panel boxes should be conveniently accessible. You should also bear in mind that you are working with electricity, therefore safety precautions are required.

Before undertaking any DIY work involving electrical sources, we suggest speaking with a local qualified electrician will be a good idea. Always put safety first!

Wrap Up

Hide Electric Panel Circuit Breaker Box


We hope you found out how to cover electrical panel boxes handy. The preceding options for constructing a breaker box cover can help you conceal your panel while yet making it conveniently accessible.

However, before you begin working on your electric panel cover task, you should be aware of the disadvantages of concealing your circuit breaker box.

So, do you believe your circuit panel/breaker box/electrical panel boxes require one of these covers, or do you have another solution that complies with local electrical guidelines? Comment below your electrical panel cover ideas!!

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