8 Ways to Improve Your Home's Exterior
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On November 21, 2019

If nothing much has been done to the outside of the home, it’s likely in need of some touch-ups to boost the curb appeal and ensure the home looks fantastic. Homeowners who are ready to get started working on the exterior of their home can use the following tips to make big changes and really adjust how their home looks to guests and those who pass by.

Add a Decorative Film to Windows

 Improve Home Exterior

Window film can help protect the inside of the home from UV rays and from people being able to see what’s inside. However, it doesn’t have to be boring and can actually help boost the curb appeal of the home. Check out the options for Frosted Glass Film to see how amazing window film can look.

Hang a Lantern by the Front Door

 Improve Home Exterior

A well-lit entryway is a must for any home, but that doesn’t mean the homeowner needs to stick with the plain fixture installed when the house was built. Instead, look into hanging a lantern by the front door. This illuminates the entry and provides added appeal.

Use Window Boxes for Flowers

 Improve Home Exterior

Window boxes can be an excellent way to dress up the windows and add some extra charm to the home. Try window boxes with a variety of different flowers to really help the house stand out in the neighborhood and to add a little bit of color.

Paint the Front Door

 Improve Home Exterior

If the front door is a standard color, changing that might help. The color chosen can have a huge impact on how the rest of the home looks and can be used to make a statement. Choose a color that stands out, yet still works well with the remaining colors on the exterior of the home.

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Update Exterior Hardware

 Improve Home Exterior

Is the existing hardware starting to look worn down? Boost curb appeal instantly by updating any exterior hardware, from doorknobs to the doorbell cover. Choose a different style for added interest, but make sure all of the hardware is in the same color and style for a cohesive look.

Change the Mailbox

 Improve Home Exterior

The mailbox can be used to create interest, instead of just being a functional piece in front of the home. Even if the mailbox can’t be painted, adding flowers around the bottom can improve how it looks significantly. Try changing the post, if possible, or adding flowers to the top of the post as well to improve how it looks.

Add New Plants

 Improve Home Exterior

If the garden in the front has been taken over by weeds or the plants just don’t work well, it’s time to start over. Pull all weeds and plants that aren’t going to stay, then add new plants. Choose a variety of plants to add to the overall look and ensure the home looks fantastic.

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Incorporate Art Pieces

 Improve Home Exterior

Waterfalls, statues, and other types of artwork can make a difference in how the overall yard looks. Place a few pieces in the front garden to add to the curb appeal of the home and make the home more interesting to look at.

If you’re tired of the way your home looks, it might be time to think about boosting its curb appeal. Take the time to look at the home’s exterior to see what really needs to be changed, then use some of the tips here to get the look you want.

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