How to Install Soundproof a Sliding Door
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On September 30, 2020

Currently, many house owners are incorporating sliding doors in their houses. This is because of the many benefits and privileges encountered. Such benefits include the open environment and sufficient sunlight exposure during the summer. Sliding doors allow you to view the outside beauty, your patio, and deck even without having to get out of the house.

However, the sliding doors do not have the ability to block sound coming either from above or within the house. This means that any unnecessary noise will still obstruct you from whatever you are doing. That is the reason why there is a need for soundproofing your sliding door. Since no sliding door comes already soundproofed, homeowners tend to seek soundproofing services after installation sliding door.

Soundproofing a Sliding Glass Door

Soundproofing a Sliding Door


Dispute offering a nice exterior view, the sliding glass doors let in noise from the outside. Sliding glass doors are made of glass and therefore have a very low Sound Transmission Class value of 30 STC and are therefore unable to block sound from entering the house or room. There are basically two ways of soundproofing a sliding glass door, and they include:

Decreasing flanking by upgrading seals and gaskets along the sliding glass door’s perimeter. This will ensure that all the spaces are blocked.

Hang a Soundproof drape over your sliding glass door. The drape will increase the door’s mass but also decrease the flanking. This way, you will be soundproofing the assembly. You can also order sliding door repair Coral Gables to adjust soundproofing needs.

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Soundproofing a Sliding Closet Door

Soundproofing a Sliding Door


These doors are also referred to as pocket doors and are found at the openings to laundry rooms, closets, and even bathrooms. In this case, you won’t use weather-stripping since they are interior doors. You will need to use sweeps and seals around the Doo alongside with the normal soundproofing measures for regular doors. This will help minimize the flanking at the bottom and the top of the door.

Another additional and most effective measure for soundproofing sliding closet doors is the use of soundproofing blankets. The blankets are hung over the doorway, where they will improve the soundproofing by a larger percentage.

Soundproofing a Sliding Barn Door

Soundproofing a Sliding Door


The sliding barn doors have spaces that allow sound to pass through easily. This, therefore, calls for waterproofing. Once you have gaskated and treated the flanking problem, a sliding barn door will require an additional soundproofing measure. Consider using a mass loaded vinyl barrier on your door. You can either mail or adhere the barrier to the door, adding some more mass on your door. Soundproof drapes can also be included to affect the soundproofing.

From these few measures, you can conclude that sliding door waterproofing is all about exerting an additional mass on the door and blocking noise from passing through the door. It is also clear that different soundproofing methods are used both for interior and exterior doors in sunrooms Long Island NY.

All in all, you need to Soundproof both the interior and exterior doors to improve the raying of the Sound Transmission Class.

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