The Little City of Moreland, Georgia
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On July 28, 2021

Georgia is located in the southern part of the United States of America, an area famous for its warm and tropical climate. Founded in 1732, Georgia is called “The Peach State”, and it’s the country’s top producer of peanuts, pecans, and even onions. 

Home to famous cities such as Atlanta and Alpharetta, it’s the 24th largest state in the U.S., and it’s often regarded as the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement pioneered by Martin Luther King Jr. 

Among the cities in Georgia is Moreland, also known as “God’s Little Acre”, a little town comprising close-knit families who share a sense of community. 

The city has a population density of 491.69/sq miles and is thus one of the smallest cities in Georgia. Little wonder the city has just one neighborhood.

Moreland, GA, offers one of the best living experiences to those looking to start a family away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. 

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Moreland’s History



Moreland has a rich history dating back to the early years of independence when the land was still under the occupation of Creek Indians. 

From 1825 to 1827, the city began to experience rapid development and settlement, especially after the signing of the Indian Spring Treaty in 1825. The Land Lottery of 1827 also influenced the modest growth of the area into an agricultural community.

1843 saw the erection of the Mt. Zion Methodist Church, which was the first community building in Moreland. Further structural development continued to occur, with the settlement becoming known as Puckett Station in 1852. 

In the later years of the 19th century, the settlement was renamed Moreland after railroad physician and stockbroker John F. Moreland. 

In the 20th century, Moreland became a railroad center specializing in locally grown cotton, fruit, and other commercial materials. Living in Moreland means living in the homeland of renowned author Erskine Caldwell, who was born in 1903. 

Moreland continued to see further industrialization and development during the early and middle years of the 20th century. 

The expansion included the construction of the Hosiery Mill and W.A. Brannon Mercantile. Today, Moreland remains one of the key cities in the state of Georgia. However, some of these historic sites have been converted to some of the present Moreland, GA homes for rent.

The City’s Location



Moreland, GA, is situated in the south of Coweta County, around 39 miles northeast of Atlanta. The city is lanced by two major routes, one of which leads to the county center, Newnan, the town of Grantville (Route 29), and the other to Luthersville, located south. Other cities flanking Moreland are Raymond, Fairburn, and Peachtree City, among others.

These routes allow for its interconnection between the constituent cities of Coweta County and Georgia’s entire state. Moreland’s strategic location near developed and developing cities known for tourism and education gives it an edge over others despite its position as the 415th largest community in Georgia.

It’s also noteworthy that the closest high school to Moreland is located in Newman. Thus it’s possible to consider scouting from homes for sale in Newnan, GA, if there are no more available in Moreland. 

Community and People



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Moreland, GA, is all about community living, thanks to its tiny population. The city residents are friendly and welcoming people, most of whom are part of the 150 households which make up the city. 

The town’s small size does not imply that there are no homes for sale in Moreland, GA. The people of Moreland are pretty culturally diverse, with ethnicities ranging from White to African-American to Hispanic. 

Although Moreland has a predominantly white population, comprising 85% of the total population, there are many African-Americans in the city, accounting for about 14% of the population. 

Hispanics, however, form only 1% of the total population. The town is a relatively quiet one despite the presence of many young people aged 44 and younger, who account for about 63% of the city’s population.

Moreland boasts of various community buildings for general activities such as meetings, events, and carnivals. 

Some of the buildings and sites include the Moreland Playground located in a park at the heart of the town, the Moreland United Methodist Church for prayer meetings, the Bigham Lodge, and the Caldwell House.

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Economy and Workforce



The economy of Moreland is mainly driven by the agriculture and manufacturing industries, with over 30% of the workforce working in sales and administrative support. 

Moreland, therefore, has a mixed workforce with the average median income of an individual placed at $37,500 and average median household income at $75,809. The job market is projected to rise by 3% within the next few years.

The cost of living in Moreland varies depending on salary and the size of the household. However, the average cost of living in the town is lower than the average national cost of living in the U.S. 

Real Estate in Moreland

Most of the residents of Moreland own their homes, with just a few living in rented apartments and houses. This fact is probably due to the pride and prestige attached to acquiring a home in the southern areas of the U.S. The median home value in Moreland is pegged at $164,800, with the median rent pegged at $1,167. Kindly read these tips on buying houses in Georgia.

Moreland has a rural aura that perfectly suits that quiet town dream that everyone looks forward to experiencing. From the beautiful greenery to the quiet streets and walkways, Moreland can be described as Coweta County’s real estate heaven as there is so much to explore in the city. As a visitor, one gets excited to explore the fantastic houses for rent in Grantville and Moreland.

Ready to Own Your Dream Home in Moreland?



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