What You Must Know Before You Buy Worm Drive Saw
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On April 11, 2020

There are various models of worm drive saws available in the market. This makes choosing the best saw that offers both accuracy and precision a very tough task. Worm drive saws can be used for just about everything. They offer efficacy, power, exactitude, and torque. Even though they are primarily used for framing and key renovation jobs, you can do whatever you want to do with them. This is because of their design and versatility.

worm drive saw

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According to Pick The Tools worm Drive saws are more in weight as compared to the sidewinder circular saws. They cut wood faster and this extends the life of both the saw and the blade. When the torque is not adequate, the speed of the blade reduces and the entire thing gets heated up. That heat then gets transferred to the rest of the saw, and if the model with which you are working does not have any state-of-the-art cooling systems, you will be subjected to pointless heating.

Another good thing about worm drive saws is that worm drive saws are relatively safer to use owing to their long handle. You do not have to hold the saw right next to the motor. Go in for the best worm drive saw in order to enjoy the most amazing sawing experience.

There are certain things that you must know prior to buying a worm drive saw:

Comfort and Feel on The Hand:

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Nobody likes to overspend. But then worm drive saw is something that you will not buy every other day. Opt for the best that you can afford within your budget. Corded models serve as the best choice, as they are heavier. Ideally, choose the worm drive saw that feels comfortable in your hand. This reduces the chances of injury and accidents due to fatigue. No amount of torque or power justifies the discomfort, particularly in case you plan to use saw for an extended span of time.

So, ideally, go for a saw that is around 12 to 14 pounds in weight. Such kind of saw offers maximum stability along with comfort. It is ideal to cut a wide variety of woods as well as other material but is not as heavy that it leads to undue fatigue. Weight is not a point of concern in case you have a small project. But with tasks that are extremely time-consuming, focus on getting hold of a lightweight worm drive saw.

Depth of a Saw:

worm drive saw

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The depth of a saw is a vital point that you need to keep in mind when you are buying a worm drive saw. The depth usually determines how deep cuts will you be able to make with the saw. It also has an effect on the sharpness of your designs. If your nature of work demands deep slashes go for the worm drive saw that offers the highest depth. You will only be able to get accurate cuts if you can go through a piece of wood in one go. If you have to adjust your blade depth in accordance with a situation, this will limit the efficacy of your work.

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Power Output:

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Power and RPMs are an important factor to consider while buying your saw. Most of the saws offer an output of 15 amps. If your tool offers anything that is less than this, it is just useless. Ensure that rpm is between 4400 and 5400. In case, you plan to cut hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, maple, etc you will need a machine with a lot of power. In case the saw does not have adequate power, it will get all heated and this will without a doubt minimize the lifespan of your machine.

Another reason why it is vital to pay heed to power and RPMs is safety. In case you are working with hardwoods, and the saw does not have enough power, it will amplify your risk of a kickback. This usually happens when the saw blade has to cut a harder portion of the wood. Basically, the entire saw is pushed back towards you and this can cause injury. So, in order to avoid such a dangerous situation, it is better that you buy a worm drive saw that has good power.

Motor Specifications:

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Another thing to consider when buying a worm drive saw is the adjustability of the blade depth and bevel angle. In case you do not pay heed in this sector, your machine will be totally useless and will not do any kind of good.

The bevel angle is important, as it enables you to do several things. Firstly, it ensures that the cuts that you make are square. There is nothing worse than making some cuts, and then realizing that angle of the blade was little off. So, the end product will not have the right finish.  A worm drive saw that has an adjustable bevel angle offers you the flexibility to produce accurate angled cuts. In case your work involves installing baseboards, cabinets and other intricate projects, you will have to make brilliant angled cuts. And this will necessitate adjustment of blade depth.

worm drive saw

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It can feel a little daunting that you need so many things together in your worm drive saw, but then this is imperative. When you find a perfect balance of price, weight, power, and an adjustable blade, you will get a worm drive saw that will stay with you for years to come. It is better to be wary and lookout for the best tool in the market.

So, these are some of the things that you need to consider when you are purchasing a worm drive saw At the architecture designs, you can get different models of worm drive saws at https://www.thewrenchguy.com/best-worm-drive-saw/. Buy a worm drive saw in accordance to your budget and need. Invest in a good piece so that you do not have to repent later on. Check the specifications of all models.  You can even ask people that have used a particular model of worm drive saw for their feedback.

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