4 Reasons To Prevent Stormwater Pollution
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On June 3, 2022

Stormwater pollution results when materials and chemicals from industries, streets, construction sites, and parking lots find their way into the nearest water bodies. Rainwater or snowmelt flows will wash oil spills from your car and the detergent on the driveways to the nearest stream, lake, or ocean. The same applies to every plastic or bottle you drop on the ground.

Stormwater is untreated, hence life-threatening compared to the water you flush in your toilet. It will affect people and animals, hence the need for mitigation through NPDES Services.

Read on to understand why you should prevent stormwater pollution.

Availability of Clean Water

Reasons To Prevent Stormwater Pollution

source: wateru.nhcrwa.com

As stated earlier, stormwater will pick agrochemicals and other pollutants from their environments and drain them into water bodies. These pollutants may cause instant death to some aquatic organisms depending on the toxicity.

If human beings drink contaminated water, they will suffer from poisoning. Humans and land animals can also get sick from eating diseased aquatic animals. Some of the effects of stormwater pollution may translate into lifestyle diseases like cancer in human beings.

Promote Aquatic Life

Fertilizer from farms is toxic to water bodies given its nitrogen and phosphorus contents that speed up plant growth. If the fertilizer finds its way into water bodies, it will promote algae blooms, depriving aquatic animals of the necessary oxygen. The sediments carried by stormwater can damage marine habitats, cloud the water bodies, and affect the growth of aquatic plants, reducing the food supply to aquatic animals.

Reasons To Prevent Stormwater Pollution

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Preventing stormwater pollution will also keep debris such as bottles, and plastic bags washed into the water bodies at bay. If left to accumulate, this debris can choke aquatic animals, such as turtles and fish.

Conservation of Biodiversity

Ecological interactions like predation and competition affect biodiversity. Competition dictates the location and abundance of individuals, while predation influences their density. Stormwater pollution can affect this balance and each organism’s role in the ecosystem, hence the need for mitigation.

Prevent Business Closures

Reasons To Prevent Stormwater Pollution

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Stormwater pollution is a serious health hazard, and beyond the threshold, pollution can cause adverse effects on the local community. It is no wonder local authorities will shut down beaches and other water bodies with stormwater pollution. Businesses releasing pollutants into water streams may also shut down to enable mitigation resulting in unemployment and loss of livelihood.

Way Forward

Stormwater pollution is hazardous, requiring immediate remedy upon detection. You can reach out to NPDES Services for directions on stormwater management. Such professional organizations can also inspect facilities and stormwater samples to ensure minimal pollution.

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