The Difference Between a Construction Company and a Restoration Company
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On May 23, 2022

Over time when we live on a property, the building suffers from constant tear and wear. Therefore, the structure may become weak, or due to changing times, the house’s interior needs to be modernized to keep the view of the latest trend. In such a scenario, we need to renovate our home. Who should you call for this work? Construction Company or Restoration Company?

On the contrary, natural calamities occur, or your house may suffer from water damage, fire damage, mould and asbestos damage and several other kinds of damage. Again same question! Who should you call for this work? Construction Company or water damage Company?

In both cases, you need qualified individuals who can work for you. But do you know who does this work? From an amateur point of view, he can call a restoration company or a construction company. Since the people in these companies do the same type of job, it is customary to get confused. 

But it would help if you understood that there is a narrow line that many of us are unaware of, which confuses us. This blog enables you to understand these differences!

What is Restoration & a Restoration company?

construction company and a restoration company


The process of restoring refers to re-establishing things to their old state. Consider a historical renovation structure. Projects of this nature usually comprise the following:

  1. Wood floor repairing, 
  2. Taking down old carpeting, 
  3. Patching up gaps in the walls. 
  4. Fixing old fixtures and replacing them with appropriate ones

A restoration company aims to bring a property back to its original condition or, in other words, to repair, renew or re-establishment a tangible or intangible asset after some damage has occurred. 

Restoration businesses deal in various situations, including fire, water, mold, and asbestos removal. Insurance companies rely on restoration businesses’ expertise and quick response times to avoid further damage to their insured’s houses and buildings. 

What is a Construction & Construction company?

construction company and a restoration company


While restoration involves restoring an existing structure to its former state, the construction consists in starting from scratch. Typically, workers will undertake the following throughout a building project:

  1. Work with a designer to create blueprints for an addition to your home.
  2. Before beginning any construction projects, ensure you have the necessary building permits. 
  3. Interview and choose a professional contractor to help with the new space’s building.

Construction is often more costly and complex than restoration. A construction company is mainly based on several construction projects, different construction styles, and different objectives and specialities. Companies are classified according to their work, indulging in building houses, dams, roads, and highways. 

The company owner is called a Proprietor, typically described as an owner of a small business. About 16%of the nation’s working population depends on construction for its livelihood. Construction companies offer civil construction and structural services, including fabricating work, prefabricated concrete, and concrete construction.

Difference between a construction company and a restoration company 

Difference in their job

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construction company and a restoration company


When a construction company works on various projects, having diverse talents and competent workers on staff is critical. Usually, a company or organization recognizes the need for a change but is unsure of what kind. 

Distinct construction methods, of course, have different goals and specialities. Others may rebuild an older structure from the ground up with entirely new components, while others may restore an older tower to its former splendour.


A construction firm is a large-scale multitasking agency that is not a single organization and does not perform one duty at a time.Building (including residential and non-residential), infrastructure construction, and industrial construction are the many forms of construction. There are four types of construction projects that must be completed: 

  • Residential construction
  • Industrial Construction Specialization
  • Heavy Development and Infrastructure
  • Buildings for Institutions and Businesses

Restoration usually refers to the process of mending harm caused by an industry’s actions and activities; it also provides specific services like:

  • Services for data recovery
  • Services for Contents Restoration
  • Services for Fire Damage Restoration
  • Services for Mold Damage Restoration
  • Services for Water Damage Restoration

Evaluation of the Project 

construction company and a restoration company


Restoration projects primarily focus on improving the aesthetic of your home or commercial property, whereas remodels change their overall purpose. You can enhance your building’s technology and install new appliances and fixtures with a makeover. When cosmetic modifications aren’t enough to solve the problem, a redesign allows you to modify your area entirely.

Time taken

While minor cosmetic touch-ups can be completed quickly, substantial remodelling will take longer. Expect your refurbishment to take several months to plan and construct. Living rooms and baths usually take three months to complete after designing, while kitchens might take up to five months.

The Footnote

Now that you know what these terms mean and how to choose the best path for you, it’s time to start making changes to your home; start by considering the adjustments you want to make. We suggest that restoration services will be more suitable than a new construction project if you give an existing room a fresh new look. 

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