When is it Time to Call a Professional Pest Exterminator?
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On February 8, 2022

 In an ideal world, homeowners would immediately call a professional pest exterminator when they realize they have a pest infestation. Whether small or big, pest infestations should be addressed immediately lest you want them to worsen. But because of budget constraints and a myriad of other reasons, homeowners will first want to try to eliminate pests on their own. You are missing out on the fact that pest infestation requires professional care.

 An instant solution to a pest problem would be to call a pest control company. You’ll want to work with the best, so you must find a professional exterminator who delivers fast results. Look through various reviews to see which companies you should check out. Ask the right questions: Is Orkin worth it? How much should you pay for a service? How long is the treatment going to last?

Knowing Why You Have Pests

Professional Pest Exterminator

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It doesn’t matter if you keep your home clean all the time; the pests will find their way in at some point. They don’t only thrive in dirty surroundings. Other factors why your home could be attractive to them include food, moisture, and warmth. If they need food and water, they’ll try to find a hole, crack, or gap that they can get into.

 Seasonal and weather changes also cause the migration of pests from one place to another. Have you ever noticed that ants and rodents appear during the rainy season? The rain flushes them out, and they seek safety in higher grounds and dry places.

Structural Damage

Call a professional pest exterminator the moment you notice some structural damage in your home. Termites love to feast on wood, so a hollow sound from wooden beams or floors is one of the first signs of an infestation. Termites are considered the most destructive insect pests in the world. They cause massive losses every year because they can significantly damage buildings. This is why it’s important to call professional extermination services at the first sign of termite infestation.

Interior Damage

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Though this is not as severe as structural damage, you should still call the professionals when you notice pests damaging your baseboards, furniture, and other belongings. Rodents eat and scratch away your baseboard because they need the scraps to build their nests. Other insects chew at your sofa cushion, clothes, and shoes. They can cause a lot of damage to your furniture, too.

Unusual Smells

Have a professional pest control company check it out if you’re smelling something strange in your house. Pests leave various smells behind. Cockroaches have an oily smell while bed bugs are musty and sweet. The worst smells tend to surface when these pests die. For example, dead rodents leave a strong odor when they die. If you don’t find the dead rodents and throw them away, that odor will stay in your house for days.

The droppings from pests have a particular smell, too. They can be harmful to your health when inhaled, so always reach out to professionals when you notice these odors.

Strange Sounds

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Do you hear strange sounds in your house? That is a sign of pests hiding behind your drywall or in your baseboards. You will usually hear large pests like rodents walking in your ceiling. You can listen to them scratching wood or running around in the attic or crawl spaces.

Termites can also make sounds loud enough for you to hear. If you are unsure where these sounds are coming from, professional exterminators can help you determine the pest-infested areas.

Health Concerns

If the pests are already affecting your health, pick up the phone right now. Bed bug bites on children are itchy. They may be too young to know better, so they’ll end up scratching their skin. Dogs and cats can also suffer from having these pests in their coats. These pests carry many diseases that can be harmful to your children and pets.

The Takeaway

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to eliminate the pests by yourself. After all, no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars just to eliminate mice, ants, and cockroaches. However, if you tried traps, sprays, and other natural remedies and they’re still affecting your household, it’s a good reason to ask for professional help.

You’ll be wasting time and money buying products that clearly cannot do the job. Professionals can do the job in hours, and the treatment can last for years. That’s value for money.

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