How Crystal Decor Can Fill Your Home With Positive Energy
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On February 8, 2022

According to the holistic healing community, crystals are powerful transmitters of energy. While the actual ‘powers’ of crystals are not scientifically backed, using them in your home can promote positive energy. Each crystal is believed to have metaphysical properties that can affect the flow of energy in a room and the human body for better wellbeing. 

Crystals act as an energy reservoir and have the ability to channel this energy, as said by crystal gurus. They may produce a placebo effect on the body as well, making you feel more positive and relaxed. They’re also elegant and fashionable, so rest assured the aura in your home will get a fantastic upgrade. In this list, you will discover the many ways crystal décor can fill your home with good energy.

How Crystal Decor Works

Crystal Decor Can Fill Your Home With Positive Energy


You can explore interesting ways to display your crystal decor depending on the type of crystal and how it interacts with other crystals in a particular space. These factors can stimulate the energies of a room. And as previously mentioned, crystals can hold powerful energy, meaning they can channel different energy flows. Each crystal houses a unique power and vibration that can create different atmospheres.

You can use this energy in different areas of your home to encourage good vibrations. Crystal decor can also act as a magnet that absorbs negative energy. To counteract, set various crystal decorations for aesthetics and to bring in more positive energy. But how do you know which crystals to use and where? The following list will show you which crystals are best suited for every room in the house. 

Alleviate Stress In The Living Room

Crystal Decor Can Fill Your Home With Positive Energy


If you want to uplift the mood in your living room, there are a few crystals you can use. Amethyst’s properties have been known to have a calming effect on soothing anxiety and stress. It’s also known to rid a place of any negative vibrations. But be mindful of where you place them. Amethysts are sensitive to direct sunlight, so don’t place them on your windowsills or leave them outside for too long. Instead, you can place amethyst crystals on a bookshelf in the living room. Or you can put it on a coffee table in the center of the room where you know there’ll be a lot of foot traffic. Some living room decors like lamps and vases even come with amethyst infused into their body and allow you to match your preferred style.

Alternatively you can visit Stoned Crystals for multiple crystal options and can also use apophyllite, a high vibe crystal that can immediately uplift spirits and easily available at Stoned Crystals. Using these crystals will create a calm relaxing space that can promote positive energy in your living room.

Encourage Romantic Feelings In The Bedroom

The stone of love, rose quartz, is known for its romantic properties. Besides manifesting unconditional love, it intensifies romantic energy. Putting rose quartz on your bedside table is a great way to promote a lovely atmosphere, whether for yourself or with a partner. In Feng Shui, crystal gurus advise placing rose quartz on the right-hand side of the room, which is considered the love corner of the room. You can purchase love quartz tumble stones and place them near your bedroom sideboard for romantic energy.

If you’re looking for a different option, you can place smoky quartz in the bedroom to absorb any negative thoughts you may have accumulated throughout the day. Protective in nature, it can also help with insomnia. Another excellent crystal is crystal quartz. It’s known as a powerful cleansing quartz and can also promote healing, making it the perfect stone for uplifting the mood in the bedroom.

Promote Good Vibes In The Kitchen And Dining Room

Crystal Decor Can Fill Your Home With Positive Energy


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The kitchen and dining room are very social spaces in the house and bustle with activity. You can use a feldspar point in the kitchen to promote wellness, health, and creative thinking. Calcite can also help boost the immune system due to its cleansing properties. If you are unsure about your cooking skills before a big meal, placing a carnelian in the kitchen can boost your confidence. Raw green opal decorations are also an excellent way to promote healthy eating habits and cleanse bodies. 

However, if you’re thinking of putting a crystal near the sink, be aware that several crystals need to be cleaned under running water first before you can do so. It’s best to be mindful of such practices when picking out a spot for your crystal decors.

Think Clearly In The Office

A productive environment and a clear mind are paramount to producing excellent results in an office space. Placing a clear quartz point in your study can help clear your thoughts as you work and focus on success. These crystals can amplify energy in a room through their pointed tips and complement the space aesthetically. You can also use gypsum in this room; it’s the best for mental clarity and helps you prioritize the day’s tasks. And if you’d like help when it comes to focusing, try using fluorite as it’s known to help with concentration and unwavering mindset.

Combine Energies In The Bathroom

Crystal Decor Can Fill Your Home With Positive Energy


Because of its versatility, you can put crystal quartz in the bathroom to promote cleanliness and clear thought and create a nurturing environment. Clear quartz also works very well with jade when cleansing an area. However, make sure that you don’t submerge the jade underwater. To ensure a great start to your day, place crystal decorations on the bathroom counter or on the sides of the bathtub to cultivate a relaxing environment.

Besides crystal quartz and jade, there are various other water-safe crystals you can place in the bathroom, such as citrine, tiger’s eye, and black obsidian.


Whether you display them on a bedside table coffee table or gather them in a bowl, crystals can enhance the aesthetics of any room in the house and bring in plenty of benefits. Crystal decorations can elevate the energy in any room and promote positivity throughout your entire home. 

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