7 Quick Tips to Make Your Home Decor Ready for Monsoons
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On August 11, 2021

How beautiful is the rain!

After the dust and heat,

In the broad and fiery street,

In the narrow lane,

How beautiful is the rain!

While the monsoon slowly knocks at our doors, which is beautifully captured by the lines of “Williams Wordsworth.” The fragrance of wet mud, cool breeze, all-around greenery and lovely to see the city on the roof of dark clouds with a cup of hot streaming tea (in fact, lots of tea). But, during this scenario, we generally forget to make our homes ready for monsoon season.

As rainy weather is around the corner and with this, it brings inconvenience at homes like humidity, moisture on furniture, leakage and many other issues. So, why not give your home a monsoon makeover before you miss the chance? Here is a list of 7 easy tips by Wooden Street that don’t need an expert or professional help and say’s ‘voila’ to your monsoon home decor.

Infuse Bright and Airy Home Decor

Home Decor Ready for Monsoons

source: mid-day

The weather is cheerful outside your homes, then why not create the same indoors? It’s obvious that we cannot change the wall colors of the home instantly, so it’s better to pick the bright decor accessories which enliven your space with an exuberant appearance. For instance, introduce the luxurious and comfortable upholstery of printed fabric sofas in the living room and vibrant colors of sofa covers, curtains and cushion covers to make the space lively. Also, re-arrange the furniture in such a way to get the favorite nook in your house for enjoying the magic of rain.

Roll Away Carpets and Rugs

Rugs and Carpets

source: woodenstreet

Dampness is one of the worst enemies in the homes during the season of monsoons. To prevent this, make sure that the carpets aren’t rolled on the floors till the rainy time, or they must be completely dried if rolled up. But, don’t take the risk of the lifespan of your carpet and would suggest completely roll and take them away during this period. Before this, ensure for vacuum cleaning and completely dried, which will prevent bacteria growth inside them. Also, keep the camphor balls inside the carpet before storing them to keep them away from insect bites and stings.

Pay attention to Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

source: woodenstreet

If you are a nature freak, then owning plants inside the home and their care is not a new thing for you. And also, you might know that keeping plants indoors in the monsoon season will add moisture content to the house and also promotes insect breeding. Hence, it is suggested to pay attention to indoor plants and keep them outside in the monsoon season. But before going ahead, check that your plants have the capacity to withstand the heavy rainfall or not. Like snake plants can’t survive in heavy rains, on the other hand, the money plant can grow well on the balcony during monsoons. By doing this way, you are not only making your home lively by removing moisture but also your plants healthy by giving a suitable environment to them.   

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Say ‘No’ To Ornamental Curtains

Home Decor Ready for Monsoons

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Give goodbyes to the dark and heavy fabric curtains that are usually used to prevent the harsh sunlight in summers and time to welcome the lightweight fabric of curtains. Because the light curtains can be dried up easily in case it gets wet during rains or due to moisture inside the home. If not, the dark curtains will spread the attack of mildew and dampness that reflect the clammy smell in your interiors, making it an unpleasant aura.

Make the Wooden Furniture Ready for Monsoons

Home Decor Ready for Monsoons

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The wooden furniture such as cupboards, sofa set etc are adversely affected during the rainy season due to moisture and humidity content. Amidst this, these conditions will make them vulnerable to termites and pests. Hence, it is necessary to protect our wooden furniture and make them ready for monsoons. Here are some tips for doing so-

– You can apply a fresh coat of varnish on wooden furniture to avoid swelling.

– Keep your wooden sofa sets or cupboards away from the wall.

– Do not clean the furniture with a wet cloth.

– Keep the camphor balls inside the clothes of wooden cupboards to save them from silverfish and avoid moisture and dampness inside them.

Invest in Funky Doormats and Shoe Rack

The monsoon season welcomes the humidity inside not only the homes but also the wet mud and slush. So, it is better to bring a funky doormat that will enhance the aesthetics of your entryway as well as prevent dust and mud. Also, gift your shoes the spacious racks to keep safe your precious footwear and avoid dirt inside the home. It is suggested to choose the shoe rack that will uplift the appearance of your entryway or foyer.

Pick Up Candle stands, lamps and lanterns

Home Decor Ready for Monsoons

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In the end, invest in some sweet fragrance of candles and the stunning holders for them. It will fill your abode in a soothing aura. Else, you can also go ahead with stunning lamps and lighting to give your home an impressive look.

So, here are all the important tips required to give your home a monsoon makeover. We hope that this will work well for you and helps you to enjoy the season fullest, without any hassles. And in case if we missed some tips, then do let us know in the comment section.

WoodenStreet wishes you a very Happy Monsoons!

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