Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment? 
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On November 25, 2022

Are you thinking about investing in solar panels but not sure if they are really worth the money? 

Offering numerous benefits, including lower energy bills, lower carbon footprints, and a higher property value, it is not hard to see why more than 2 million homes in the United States have already bitten the bullet and had a solar energy system installed on their roof. 

Still not sure that solar panels are worth the investment? 

Read on to discover everything there is to know about the cost of installing a solar panel system. Plus, where to find the best solar panels near you. 

Can solar panels save you money? 

Solar Panels


To find out whether or not it makes financial sense for you to switch to solar energy, you need to consider the following:

  • How much does the solar panel system cost? 
  • How much energy will you produce per year? 
  • What would you pay for the same amount of energy from the grid? 
  • How long will it take for you to see a return on your investment? 
  • Will the solar panel system pay for itself? 

If you have enough money to pay upfront for a solar panel system, then you are in a very good position and are an ideal candidate for this home improvement and ready to join the 2 million homes already benefitting from this. 

However, if you don’t, there is no reason why you can’t start saving, take out a loan, or look into one of the solar energy incentive schemes. If you would like to find out more about the cost of solar panels, get in touch with Tucson solar company – Custom Solar and Leisure  for an accurate, no-obligation quote for your home. 

How much do solar panels cost? 

Solar Panels


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There are a lot of factors that affect how much it will cost to install a solar panel system on your home. For example, the size of your home, the type of system you want to install, where you live, and the quality of your roof. 

That being said, the average cost of installing a solar panel system in the United States is between $3,500 and $16,000. 

You also need to consider other costs, such as metering equipment, cables and wires, and battery storage. Plus, don’t forget the cost of the installation itself, which needs to be carried out by a qualified installer. 

Is solar power worth it? 

Solar Panels


Once you have worked out how long it will take your solar panel system to pay for itself, you will have a much better idea of whether or not this is a good choice for your home. Some homeowners will find that their new energy system will pay for itself in as little as 5 years, whereas others will have to wait between 15-20 years for this to happen. 

If you live in a sunny state or you have particularly high energy bills, then investing in a solar energy system can potentially save you a lot of money. You may even be able to make some extra cash by selling any unused energy back to the grid. 

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