Turn Your Boring House Into a Spooky Haunted House
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On October 6, 2021

The spookiest Halloween of the year is just around the door, which means it’s time to place on your diabolical hats. Halloween is all about having some extra fun with your loved ones, whether it’s a trick-or-treat sugar fest at home, a scary movie marathon with your pals, or an intimate get-together with your family. Whatever way you want to celebrate, the holiday season isn’t complete unless you deck out your home in a macabre manner. And who says you have to spend a fortune to make it spooky? So, instead of buying the same old expensive store-bought decorations this year, we’ve compiled a list of easy home decor ideas for your spooky Halloween party.

Devilish Rosemary

Spooky Haunted House

source: azuremagazine.com

Has there been a scarier film than Rosemary’s Baby? Aside from the gruesome narrative, we adore this film for the general design and look of its interiors. We were strongly influenced by the show’s set and shooting location, an actual apartment building in New York City. Rosemary’s home was stunning and provided an excellent canvas for nearly any design.

Rosemary designed her flat in what we could call a modern style for the time, but she made it her own with eclectic accents. The set designers achieved this effect by combining shag carpets with comfy sofas in rich colors such as olive and burned ember.

Stranger Things

Spooky Haunted House

source: pinterest.com

We couldn’t possibly design eerie interiors without paying homage to the trendiest kid in town, Stranger Things! We were inspired by the Byers’ home, which was a quintessential 1980s home with an odd assortment of the era’s staple items tablecloths, anyone? You can also create the impression that the place had recently been deserted by a bunch of Demogorgon-hunting youngsters.

Hocus Pocus

Spooky Haunted House

source: pikist.com

You don’t have to be a witch to appreciate the appearance of this Colonial American interior. There are a few uncomplicated ways to integrate our version of Hocus Pocus into your own house. Begin by locating a few Americana artifacts that your modernist side typically overlooks. Then add texture and accents! Baskets, wreaths, candles, and so on. Pile them on to finish the layered effect.

Next, settle in with an earthy color pallet like paint peels, leafy greens, and rich yellows galore! Last but not least, don’t be scared to experiment. This style has a collector vibe to it, and you won’t find the same two lateral tables in a compiled area!

Spine Chilling Cemetery

Spooky Haunted House

source: pinterest.com

What is a haunted home without a creepy cemetery? It is entirely up to you either you want to purchase props from a local Halloween store or create your own graveyard. It all relies on how much funds and work you want to put into making your graveyard frightening enough for both youngsters and adults. 

Graveyards will entail the use of grave markers, coffins, skeletons, and a number of creepy bugs. As a pleasant surprise for trick-or-treaters, many individuals prefer to transform their front yard into a graveyard. If you intend to provide haunted house tours this year, a graveyard setting on your front lawn will make guests nervous even before they step inside your frightening haunted house.

Switch Kitchen To Surgery 

Spooky Haunted House

source: thedailymeal.com

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Convert your kitchen into a gruesome surgery room. To make your ghost tour more participatory, have visitors reach their hands into hidden bowls and guess what’s inside – the slimier the better. We suggest using peeled grapes to simulate eyes and spaghetti to simulate intestines. Prizes should be awarded to those who properly predict. Depending on your spooky haunted house’s target population, this may be a fun pastime for youngsters.

Sound On

Rewatch some of your favorite horror films to discover how music contributes to suspense, fear, and terror. While there are many haunted house masterpieces to select from, it can be difficult to find an ambiance that isn’t tacky.

We recommend selecting soundtracks that take advantage of chaos (dissonant sound). Unreal noises have a way of describing us on edge and creating anxiety until they stop. Sound elements such as a knocking door, whistling wind, or well-timed screaming should also be included in your frightening soundtrack.

Spiderweb Doormat

Spooky Haunted House

source: hgtv.com

This haunted home concept is more functional than frightening. If you invite people to your house to be scared, make sure they first clean their feet. Using white fabric paint, you can personalize plain black carpeting.

Walk-in Hunt

Another household a bit farther up the road has a few small structures on their land. Each one is built out differently so that guests may stroll through them one by one for themed scares. One shed, for example, is a crazy scientist’s laboratory. They feature eight sheds as well as a large yard exhibit, much of which is interactive. This sort of haunted attraction is definitely something to think about if you have a lot of barns, garages, or structures on your property.

Creepy Home Interior

Spooky Haunted House

source: pinterest.com

If you intend to have a haunted house party or tour within your home, make sure that almost everything on the exhibit is frightening in some manner. You might do this in an overtly gruesome manner, or you can use these lanterns in a more elegant yet gothic manner.

Haunted Drive-In

A family who lives outside of the town has a huge property with a circling drive. They have a massive haunted drive-thru exhibit. Visitors observe the exhibits as they pass past before returning to the road, so there is no need for parking. This was such a creative idea! If you have a loop drive, this sort of haunting show is certainly something to think about.