Tips for Cleaning the Exterior of the House!
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On October 24, 2020

You always make sure about your home is perfect not only in look but yes, in the cleanliness too. It is like; we always worry about clean-up the home and find solutions to improve the environment. Most of the time, you might focus more on wiping your home interior, but what about cleaning the outdoor exterior! Unlike, the exterior of the house should also need some concern, not only it seems well, but also to protect your interior home from the appearance of certain problems that take place due to unhygienic and germ-infested outdoor exterior.

Reading below, you will get tips, how to maintain the cleanliness of your home exterior! So that it stays in well-maintained condition throughout the year.

Think for Cleaning Exterior!

Cleaning Exterior


You have to make sure that cleaning your outdoor exterior of the house should be done at least once in a year. However, its rate depends on the type of environment in which your residence is located, so if you are patent with your decision of polishing outdoor then try to dirt-free it two or three times in a year. There are different ways to be carried out for a house, which is in the city; it is not all same caring for the houses on the beach or landscape.

Cleaning your exterior requires some equipment which might not be seen in your surroundings. If you are going to work for a large property, then it is essential to contact  exterior house washing services from the gold coast, which help to remove dirt and debris without causing damage to the surface.

Pressure of Water

In this, you need a long enough pipe and water. This is the simplest way to clean the exterior of your house, what you will do is! Take a pipe that has a pressure jet, which allows the water to reach the heights and make your surfaces dirt-free and hygiene enough. Make sure that you begin to wash the sides of the different facades of the house and ventrally as the washing of the wall is succeeding.

 Not only it is the simplest way, but also it is an efficient tool, which has a pressure jet and is the power washer of the abode. You can go through, which you consider is the best reasonable pressure washer from a few famous models. And for the corners, the dirt and stain can be removed using an accessory such as a brush with powerful bristles and probably prefers wires for it, if your surface is hard or else you can use soft bristle brushes to rub out the fragile surfaces.

How long time will pressure washers’ takes to wipe out a large house of yours, not only based on equipment, but also depends on available equipment, accessible help, and patio design and layout.  

Use of chemicals for cleaning

Cleaning Exterior


No doubt that the best matter for scrubing your abode is to use natural products and evade the use of chemicals. But, we have to use chemicals for the outdoor of the residence to eradicate the dirt and filth. Depending on your needs, you have to call for:


Some acids are not harmful. Your house is going to live for long years! With all this basic maintenance, you can get cozy and live hassle-free from the stress, keeping healthy and safety of your family at the primarily.

Rules to be Followed

  • Use of broom for hard surfaces, also you can use hard bristle brushes for outside cleaning
  • Hygiene your gutter regularly
  • Check your drainage system
  • If you use tools in the garden then try to keep them at a dry place, as to prevent rust on it
  • To prevent your hose from getting knotted, hold it on a retractor, which will also manage enough space in the garden
  • Sweep regularly the unwanted leaves, twigs and other organic wastes, as to avoid the gathering of the molds
  • Ensure about the pool, it’s water is clean, and free from the horde of mosquitoes!

Maintaining Gardens Tool Properly

Cleaning Exterior


  • First, after the use of the garden tool, clean it immediately
  • Make a treat for wooden handles by mixing equally the part of vinegar, natural turpentine, and linseed to maintain its durability and won’t get broken.
  • To prevent the grasses completely from coming under the cutter, you can apply vegetable oil to the metal surfaces after cleaning.
  • Clean the metal surfaces from an unwanted cloth dipped in a linseed oil

Cleaning the Anterior of Outdoor Floor

The anterior part of the exterior floor is often permeable and coarse and is different from the surface of the interior. Your exterior part generally suffers from the dirt and grime that are invited through animals or any natural element occurrence such as dust and germs, so it might become a difficult and complex task for you to do. The dirt on the outer side is tucked very harshly on the floor which makes a complicated task as compared with the dust on your interior floor.

So accordingly, the ordure of animals, plants, leaves, and soils must be eliminated. We are here for you, with some tips for swabbing the exterior floor:

Tools that are utilized for this purpose:

  • Water pump
  • Container
  • A sweeping element or mop
  • Specific detergents (based on your type of floor)

With the help of these tools, you can carry on with your deep cleaning, be aware of using specific detergent by knowing the type of your floor, often coarse or absorbent. Let us go in brief about how you can carry with a good swabbing of the floor, have a look at its coating!

The primary step to do is, pour plenty amount of water, ensure enough amount that your surface is required of, and never consider the quality of your surface in this process. Once you are done with this, then next you are going to meet with real scouring. Let’s see how to clean outdoor exterior!

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Stone Floors

Cleaning Exterior


What you need for cleaning the stone floor is! You can use alcohol, soap, or bicarbonate; it will make your floor polished and luminous too. Dissolve soap into the water, after that add two tablespoons of chemical bicarbonate and plus, ten tablespoons of alcohol. Mix all these elements carefully and do wipe normally and observe the results. Did it work!

 Chinaware Flooring

This material is also known as porcelain stoneware, it is used widely for both indoor and outdoor flooring. The surface of this material is easy to wipe out, until it comes in contact with deep stains and grime, for that you need to use acid and detergent mixed with diluted water to remove the stain. If you didn’t get with enough better results, then you can add a few drops of ammonia in the water and clean the surface.

Wooden Floors   

Like with other floors, these wooden floors do require cleaning with other elements. These necessitate an oily substance to appear with a gleaming surface. You can start your work on the base with a brush and simply pour some water on it, let it lay until it becomes completely dry, after that, you can polish the floor with oil using a clean cloth.

You can rest because it is better to avoid polishing the floor when the atmosphere is hot. When you do this at that time, then your wooden floor is spoiled, unknowingly.

Difference in the materials and products can easily dent your home. Hence, to maintain the property in well-condition, you must consult for a professional. In case, if you are unable to prefer a professional, then you can DIY by researching properly about it and take your time to make sure you come up with appropriate results. Be careful, because the damages that can be caused are beyond repair.

Three Motivational Ways for Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning Exterior


Listen to Some Tunes

Listening to music is one of the best ways to carry on with any kind of boring work; it is going to motivate you to perform that. You will be able to do this activity flawlessly; you will be able to complete your work within that period of time that you have even not thought for. Your mind will get refresher and calmness to do your work.

Use an Alarm

You can set an alarm of about 15 minutes, and then observe the amount of work is done by in 15, and in this way, you can motivate yourself to complete the task as early as possible. If you are unable to work for long, then at least you can try for some minutes and you might observe that half of the task is completed by you, or else you might bring your work on the edge of completion.

Make ensure that if it boring for you, then also you have to perform for a minimum of 15 minutes as you fixed in the alarm. Once you have made up-gradation, further you will desire to finish it.

Switch your Phone to Relax mode/Airplane Mode

Your phone might distract you with constant notification and many are distracted by it. Attempting your phone to airplane mode, might not distract you from the work. Your apps notification is blocked for that period of time. You will be more focused and clear about performing your duty of cleaning. Once it is done, you are hassle-free from the wiping of the exterior house and also, you will be able to use your mobile phone.

So, get ready! Never mind, before trying, you are possible to perform that, also take precautions, while doing your duty. At last, you are unable to do then hire a professional, the only solution at The Architecture Designs.

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