Tips to Properly Outfit a New Bathroom Construction
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On November 28, 2023

Whether you’re building an entire house or just constructing an extra bathroom, there are tons of details to pay attention to. Things like which materials to use, the dimensions of the rooms, and so on. When it comes to establishing the “look” of a bathroom, you can do a lot or a little, depending on your preferences and budget. Even if you’re more on the minimalist side, though, your bathroom will need plenty of attention if you want it to look complete. Not only will you need to make decisions about the countertop, sink, shower tiles, and flooring, but you’ll also have to choose from various fixtures.

For many people, this is the fun part. They get to peruse mirror styles, pick cabinet handles, and find the perfect shower head with hose. Not only is this one of the easiest parts of the process, but it’s also the stage where you give the bathroom a personality. The question is, how do you stay within budget, get everything to look good, and make sure that everything works? It takes a little know-how, but with these tips for outfitting your new bathroom, you’re sure to pull it off like a pro.

Set a realistic budget

Bathroom Construction


We’ve all been there before: we plan on how much we’ll spend on something, and end up spending more. This is a particularly notorious problem with construction or remodeling jobs, since costs just keep adding up. And of course, a simple trip to Home Depot to pick up some more grout can easily turn into a shopping spree if you aren’t careful.

  • Decide on the essentials

How can you avoid this when finishing your bathroom? First, write down a list of things that you definitely want. Assuming you have a decent budget for putting the room together, this will probably include things like tiles for the floor, shower, and countertop, a mirror or two, a shower or tub, toilet, sink, faucet, shower head, towel racks, and shower rod/curtain, cabinets, and so on. This list could go on and on, but these are usually considered the essentials. 

  • Do your research

Next, research the price ranges for all of these things. You may discover that while you’re fine with a run-of-the-mill toilet, you want to do something special for the tiling. Or, you could realize that you don’t really care about having counter space, but you do want plenty of cabinet space. There will be some things that you want to splurge on, and others that you could potentially save money on. When you figure out which is which, this will help you formulate a more accurate budget.

  • Plan for extra expenses

Lastly, give yourself some wiggle room. If you’re determined not to go over budget, you should actually under-spend on everything you think you need. By the end of the project, you probably will have added several items to the list that you didn’t even think of before.

Pick your accessories wisely

Bathroom Construction


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Some people use their bathrooms like one giant statement piece; they pick a theme, and then buy every little trinket they can find that’s related to their theme. If this is your thing, go for it! This is a fun way to add energy to the house. If not, you can still add a ton of personality to the bathroom with the right accessories.

When you think of the words “shower head”, what comes to mind? Probably the most generic version of a shower head possible: fixed to the wall, no particular style, probably in a chrome finish. You could opt for this type of shower head in your bathroom…or you could get something that showcases your sense of style, and turns your bathroom into something special. This applies not only to shower heads, but to basically every accessory in the bathroom, from the faucet to the light fixtures.

  • Choose a unique finish or color

One simple way to do this is to choose a different finish. Shower heads, faucets, drains, cabinet handles, and more come in a variety of finishes that will give your new bathroom a lot more character than the standard chrome. These finishes include subtle options like brushed steel, as well as more striking versions like matte black, copper, or gold. 

  • Pick a style

Of course, you can also develop a style for your bathroom beyond just a certain color scheme. You could go rustic, minimalist, Victorian, or anything in between. There are practically infinite options when it comes to bathroom fixtures; some of them will probably cost more than average, but if you have the budget for it, specialized accessories will definitely help your new bathroom look the part.

Decide how much tile you want

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Do you want tile in every possible space, or do you just want to make sure the shower has easy-to-clean 18 x 18 tiles? The great thing about tiles is that they can be really basic, or they can be the highlight of the bathroom. Provided you’re willing to spend the money, you could get beautifully designed specialty tiles that tie the whole bathroom together – put them on the floor, in the shower/bathtub area, and on the counter. 

Also, whatever you do, don’t skimp on the installation costs. If you get someone to install the tiles for the lowest price possible, you’ll probably get a sub-par result.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

Bathroom Construction


Now that your bathroom is in working order, it’s time to add the last few details. These will pull the whole thing together, and make it look like the bathroom of your dreams. You could put up a few shelves to hold decorations, magazines, or toiletries; hang a couple of pictures; or add a few decorative knick-knacks to the counter.

Once you’ve finished, you won’t just be looking at a brand-new bathroom; you’ll be looking at a job well done. As long as you plan ahead and make the right choices, you should end up with the bathroom of your dreams.

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