Some Useful Ideas of Open Wardrobe To Enhance Your Home Decor
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On July 15, 2022

Are you short on space when it comes to organizing your home space and organizing your clothes and accessories? We understand wardrobe is a heavy task. In this article, we share 5 great ideas that will help you create an open wardrobe while remaining aesthetically pleasing to your overall decor.

So the question is, how do you create opportunities not to lose anything?

Another question is: If you lived in an empty house, where would you store your belongings? You cannot get insurance for your temporary stay. So you need the Holy Spirit to keep your things clean so your space doesn’t look empty

If you also want to enhance your home decor through open wardrobe or you just need extra space you can contact open concept wardrobe Singapore.

Here are some great Ideas for an open wardrobe:

Wardrobes with open ends are not always the most beautiful idea. This is a great piece of clothing that allows you to show off your pride and fashion creativity.

The open space allows you to create a unique area in the room to store everything in its entirety. You can also take the opportunity to point out a few things.

Ideas For an Open Wardrobe

Useful Ideas of Open Wardrobe To Enhance Your Home Decor


These 5 examples below will show you how to do it.

Portable Cabinet With Wheels

Portable wardrobes with wheels are generally found in shopping malls. So, it is inspired by the shopping malls. Basically, you need to hold one of these open shelves with wheels so you can push the cabinet. One head allows you to hang your dress on two shelves as you fold your dress.

Display Walls for Wardrobe

Useful Ideas of Open Wardrobe To Enhance Your Home Decor


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If you can make a shelf on the wall, you can turn the entire wall into a display area. You can design any bag or shoe on display.

Space on the table or shelf

If you have small shelves or drawers in the room, or if you have a desk and large drawers that you can put on the wall, it can also allow you to open closets.

All you have to do is put the hanging rail on the wall and it will look like your hanger is firmly attached to the wall opening.

Floating Hangers

Useful Ideas of Open Wardrobe To Enhance Your Home Decor


Wood or armrests can be made to create a stable space while enhancing everything you can get around the house: pipes, old parts, and more.

Wardrobe on Stairs

This is amazing. Take ladders and hooks in different places around different systems for storing things. If you can hold two ladders, you can rotate them by placing a floating kidney between them. You’ll find yourself putting on a show like a big store and you’ll be happy to create your own show.


Simple things around you can be effective in meeting your basic needs. These open wardrobe ideas will help you create a showcase from around you. They will help you not only to look creative in your fashion, but also to show your ideas about fashion.

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