Which Cleaning Mistakes You're Probably Making
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On August 20, 2020

Busy days are waiting for everyone to get busy with some works, making faults while working is happening unexpectedly. So, in these busy days you may get frustrated while working and you can make mistakes while cleaning your home. You learn from those mistakes, if you work regularly you may get a remind while working that you forgot something which you did earlier, but it is not necessary that you may get remind every time, it is difficult for everyone to work perfectly but it is not impossible to work satisfactory.

Cleaning Mistakes

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Many times you might have also noted that at the time of cleaning there are many mistakes left behind, and those mistakes then result in an improper working process. Thus, for maintaining cleanliness we have to be concise about the mistakes we are making during cleaning of the home interior, exterior and any other places. Probably we aren’t aware of those mistakes while we are working on, it does not mean that we must not have a look there it can even result in a big impact in future, here I would like to share with you some cleaning mistake tips.

There are many mistakes which you usually make during cleaning kitchen utensils, during cleaning up the floor tiles, at the time of window washing, or you can say in your daily home cleaning activities. To avoid those mistakes have a gentle overview on the tips mentioned below especially for your help in cleaning purposes.

Washing windows

Cleaning Mistakes

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Be choosy about the weather at the time of washing windows, you would think why? The only reason behind is, if the weather would be sunny or rainy then what will happen is at sunny day when you’ll clean your window, the water droplets will get dried up as early as you start cleaning, thus it will create several unwanted spots on the window, where as in the case of rainy weather the water droplets on the windows will increase which will make the cleansing agent disappear and your cleaning tool will also get wet and messy, due to this type of obligations one would not be able to clean up windows.

You have to select a proper time, it should be noon or evening, so that the cleansing agent won’t get direct sunlight and they don’t create streaks on window panes. More often if possible then clean the windows when the temperature of the surrounding is below 70 Fahrenheit. For quicker drying your work without any climatic change so that you achieve a perfect cleaning effect is swapping micro fiber cloth on window squeegee, it would even cover a large surface area at just one swipe.

Starting at wrong spot

Cleaning Mistakes

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While cleaning a room if you start from the middle of the floor then it would make you feel awkward but it can be done, if you start from the topmost place and then move on to the bottommost place. Let me remind you, if you want to clean fans, cobwebs, furniture dust and all the other remaining stuff, then keep it at first, as after cleaning those all stuffs you have to go again with the cleaning of the room.

The first step is to clean the remaining things first before cleaning up the whole room, because no one would like to spend their expensive time cleaning again and again, do take care of everything if you are going to clean thoroughly. If you don’t do so then unfortunately you have to follow the cleaning again and sometimes you might keep it on repeat there is no way out except planning about it concisely. Perform the cleaning process from top to down. When cleaning bathroom walls and doors, do start from the topmost position otherwise you have to backtrack the drips coming in, those drips would demolish your whole work just take care of it.   

Using inappropriate washing products

Cleaning Mistakes

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Using inappropriate washing products is similar to playing football with a basketball. Using cleaning products which are not strong enough when required will make you repeat that process again and again. You might have seen that after the clothes are being washed there are many stains still left on it, ever thought why? Because the laundry products which you are using do not match the requirements of the clothes, moreover reading labels and following directions will help you a lot in selecting the appropriate washing product; doing so will save your time and money too.

There are many disadvantages of using wrong washing products, likewise washing clothes with a scrubbing powder or furniture cleaning product can permanently damage the surfaces of the clothes, using strong acid for cleaning vinyl wood surface flooring would damage the material badly, and there are many more bad impacts of using such inappropriate products.

Furthermore if you are looking to reduce chemical products in your house then prefer green cleaning products, they are safe, effective, and inexpensive too, if used correctly.

Working without protection (bare handed)

Cleaning Mistakes

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Bare hands are one of the factors of cleaning mistakes, you would ask why and how? Basically, at the time of washing clothes, utensils or anything else you directly contact the cleansing material with your hand which you apply on the material and it gets dirty again along with that applying washing products on bare hand may result in hazardous activity.

Even if you are using rubber gloves or latex gloves then do avoid them as the material gets stuck on them after that that material is stuck on any other object while cleaning thus a dirty and messy chain is created at that instance. What do we use to provide the utmost effect in washing and to keep us safe? Choose gloves with lined cotton on the interior surface, it would be the best barrier for your safety, providing you the best comfort ability and you will feel motivated whenever you put them on. Furthermore it will not let any kind of material to get stuck on it, which will lead to achieving a proper cleaning.

Using dirty cleaning tools

Cleaning Mistakes

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As we know, using the perfect washing product is the first step which has to be taken while you are performing cleaning thoroughly. The next which must come into consideration is the cleaning tool; it is way similar like playing cricket having a hockey stick in hand. Improper tools will make the matter worse by spreading bacteria and soil all around.

Not handling kitchen sponges will lead in out spread of coli form bacteria this will lead to unsafe hygiene and environment in the kitchen, thus, keep them cleaning too with warm water so that bacteria is removed properly. Not handling the cleansing of the washing machine will lead to dirty and terrible smelling clothes, because of the regular usage the soil particles settle down in the machine which then combines with other clothes and that thing makes it smell very bad, even though vacuum will puff out dust every single time when used.

Take your time but do clean mop heads, scrubbing brushes, wash cleaning clothes, kitchen sponges, washing machine vacuum filters, and whatsoever tools you use regularly. If you are way lazy in doing such work then you can even prefer disposables as tools.  

Placing utensils in a perfect manner in dishwasher

Cleaning Mistakes

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Dishwasher is a difficult tool to use but if you have refereed the instructions properly then it will help you a lot. The main thing is to place all the utensils in the same direction it must be standardized. What if you did not place it perfectly? Some of the utensils will remain unwashed after the washing when you’ll take them out. Those improperly washed utensils will spread and spoil the other utensils too, thus you have to rework on it by repeating the steps again. It is totally a waste of time, electricity and money. Especially spoons interrupt the whole process, what you can do is instead washing the spoons separately along with the knives. But do remember to place utensils in a perfect manner in the dishwasher to achieve complete washing.

Decluttering the room to boost up

Cleaning Mistakes

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Many of the times it takes you so long to clean up even a small room. Ever thought why it happens? It happens because small objects are misplaced or you don’t look over them, after you are done with the cleaning those small objects fall down which contains lots of dirt and makes the whole room messy and dirty again. What to do to stop those activities? Here is where the process decluttering steps in and plays out a vital role in one’s timeline.

Declutter the things laying down in the room and that does not belong to that room, though you can even throw out some huge useless things like stones, some wasted paper, some wrappers and many more. Discard those collected items out of the house; do use dustbins for such purposes. After that focus on the things present above the ground level even if it is a small piece or a large piece, store them in their appropriate places so that they won’t interrupt you at the time of cleaning. Moreover decluttering helps one to have a total overview on the area and to plan the process of cleaning accordingly.  

Sometimes we put off cleaning jobs

Cleaning Mistakes

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You have to work on regularly if you want the utmost hygiene and sanitation in your home which provides a safe platform to you and your family to live in. Sometimes you ignore the stains created by spilling out any food material just because of your other works or when you are in hurry, that stain is then left there for some couple of days and then you start cleaning it up at that time it would take you almost 20 – 30 minutes, but if you have focused on it at the time of spilling itself and cleaned it at the same instance then it would take you 15 – 20 seconds rather than spending 20 – 30 minutes in it.

Thus doing it as a job and keeping such small activities in priority will help you in sorting out the heavy cleaning to make it much easier. I’m advising you some places which must have to be looked over regularly: kitchen must be sanitized, dirty laundry placed in a hamper, bathroom sinks, and clutter like newspaper, magazines, etc. Some cleaning activities which must be followed weekly: dusting, vacuuming, mopping, doing laundry, floor tiles, doors handles, etc.

Don’t put cleaning tool right back after their use

Cleaning Mistakes

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You have noticed that after using the sponge for cleaning you just rinse it with normal water, is it enough? As it includes bacteria and food which are being hidden in the sponge for so long thus thorough cleaning and sanitation of sponge in a week or two is must otherwise this sponge can affect other utensils which in turns is the reason for various diseases. Use sponge sanitizer.

If you are using some brushes for rinsing purposes and after using it you keep in their respective holders immediately then it would effect in collection of various germs and bacteria in the holders which is not a good sign, thus whenever you use any tool keep it aside for sometime then wash it with warm water and sanitize it.

Perfect attachments

The last but not least is perfect attachments; some tools when we use them require a kind of attachment. If there is no attachment then it will turn into spreading dust all around in the room. Like while vacuuming pet fur out with a blower or with some other tool you need a proper attachment, if attachment is not there then the dust will go here and there.

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