HOAs in Southern States Working to Uphold Traditional Design Choices
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On April 28, 2022

Homeowners’ associations continue to grow in popularity as the years go by, with Southern states such as North Carolina, Florida, and Texas all in the top 5 for most HOAs in the country. Around 60% of the US population currently live under some sort of neighborhood organization that could be likened to an HOA. This makes sense when considering the roles that HOAs play, such as the maintenance of houses under HOA membership, general neighborhood upkeep, and ensuring that all members stick to the agreed-upon codes of conduct. Amongst all these important jobs is the fact that HOAs are also responsible for the aesthetic upkeep of houses, landscapes, and neighborhood amenities such as parks.

Maintaining The Beauty of the Neighborhood

Traditional Design Choices

If you’ve ever driven around a beautiful suburb where all the houses are uniformly designed and feature landscaped gardens and well-kept common areas, this is likely because of the hard work of an HOA. An HOA plays the important role of making sure that house aesthetics match, and therefore, they play an integral part in the design and architecture of the neighborhood over which they exert their influence.

Individual property owners will make payments to the HOA to ensure that they can maintain and upkeep the design of common properties. HOAs are normally established at the same time a particular community is being built. Along with home designers and architects they decide which design trends the upcoming neighborhood will ascribe to.

For example, HOA management in Concord NC has recently received a financial boost from Wall Street of around $85 billion to help develop new housing and neighborhoods as the housing crisis around the country begins to worsen. The following design trends and architectural ideas will shape modern housing and suburbia in the South over the years to come and HOAs begin playing a more important role in neighborhood aesthetics.

Southern House Design in 2022

Traditional Design Choices

North Carolina is playing a major role in exterior house design trends in 2022, and one of the concepts making waves in southern suburbia is the idea of a house of “great escape”. The design takes inspiration from the laid-back Carolina coasts while looking to induce the homey feeling that you get when driving through the neighborhoods of the South. The design has been described as perfect for modern families who also love tradition and seek comfort. The houses are large and feature wraparound porches for outside entertainment.

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The challenge of an HOA is uniformity. This is why one of their objectives is to keep a singular design option open for an entire street or suburb. These designs are thus one of the main drawing points for potential homeowners looking to buy a house – the style of the neighborhood. HOAs in Southern states such as Florida and North Carolina are embracing their roots as the southern homey trend of house design is shaping 2022.

Materials Made to Last: Concrete or Wood?

Traditional Design Choices

Wood has been the dominant construction material for homes in the US for many years now. However, homes framed with concrete have been making a strong return in the past decade. HOAs must work to find the best methods for home maintenance and construction, otherwise much of their budget will be spent on home repairs. Concrete homes have the benefit of being far more durable and reliable than wood as wood ages faster and has higher maintenance and repair costs. Concrete is more expensive to use in construction but many housing developers working with HOAs are opting for concrete in recent years, as they believe that they will save money in the long run.

A Focus On Sustainability

Traditional Design Choices

Sustainable living has become a real trend among the American population as more and more people become aware of the threats facing our planet. HOAs must take note of these issues and work to create neighborhoods and maintenance plans that work towards a better environment. One trend in home construction sweeping the nation in 2022 is reusable materials. Many construction companies are making use of materials like reclaimed barn sliding, scrap metal sliding, and fiber cement siding, to create exterior designs that look both stylish and textured. A sustainable built environment is an important goal to work towards, and HOAs can play an extremely crucial role in this pursuit.

HOAs and Design Go Hand In Hand

Traditional Design Choices

>It should be clear now that while HOAs are not responsible for designing and constructing houses, they work closely with construction companies, real estate agents and architects to build houses that people will want to live in. They also play a role in ensuring that new homes are built to last, and that maintenance and upkeep does not become an overly expensive issue. The role of a HOA is far more than many initially think, and it’s not surprising that a record number of people in the US now live in HOA managed communities.

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