7 Common Drain Cleaning Mistakes Almost Every Homeowner Make
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On May 10, 2021

You need to be prepared to fix small problems around the house if you are a homeowner. Some are plumbing emergencies, and you might be compelled to do something before emergency plumbers arrive. However, most homeowners make costly mistakes that may damage the plumbing further and also bring health risks.

Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Using Excess Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Drain Cleaning Mistakes

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There is usually a huge assortment of drain cleaning chemicals whenever you need them. All the products promise to deliver extraordinary results in an incredibly short period in the most complex clogging. Unfortunately, these expensive products lack the power to do what they claim to do. What if the solid clogging the drain is heavy metallic or stone?

In reality, these chemicals are made to dissolve soft substances, for example, a collection of sediments or thick slurry. And if the chemicals fail to unclog the drain, you have an extra problem on your hands. These toxic chemicals will corrode the plumbing and can emit toxic fumes, posing a health hazard to the plumber.

Wrong Plunger Selection and Incorrect Plunging Method

Drain Cleaning Mistakes

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If you have a problem with your plumbing, the easiest thing to do is reaching out for a plunger. Some homeowners don’t know that there are multiple plungers for different plumbing problems. They end up using the wrong plunger for the wrong purpose, thus exacerbating the problem. For example, Sink plungers are shaped like a cup at the bottom, while toilet plungers are flat bottomed.

You also need to learn to do it in the right manner. Make sure that the drain is completely sealed before placing the plunger in place. Next, work up the plunger slowly up and down, ensuring that the plunger is in contact with the drain pipe. Many people make a mistake plunging too fast, which may push things further down the drain instead of pulling them out.

Working the plunger too fast can also be a messy and smelly drain cleaning mistake. You may end splashing the dirty water on yourself. Worse still, the plunger can get stuck, further complicating the situation. If you can’t do it properly, reach out for a professional drain cleaning service.

Pushing Foreign Object Into the Drain

Faced with a clogged drain, the man of the house will do anything that comes to his mind to try and unblock the drain. Probably you will get thin metal wires and poke around in a clogged drain cleaning attempt.

This can be a costly mistake. The improved device may push the clogging object further down the drain. It may also damage the plumbing causing you to foot a costly pipe replacement bill.

Attempting DIY Hydro-jetting

Drain Cleaning Mistakes

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Emergency plumbers use pressurized hose water from what looks like your standard garden hose, especially for the outside drain. Many homeowners make a mistake if trying to unclog to your drain with a garden hose.

A garden hose lacks enough pressure to clear heavy solid objects. You may instead end up with flooding, further damaging the plumbing and anything close.

Making Drain Cleaning a DIY Project

Water that goes down the drain is usually infested with lots of bacteria, dirt, pathogens, and even fecal matter. A blocked drain lets the water sit for extended periods and ferment.

Attempting to do it yourself instead of calling for an emergency be plumbing services pauses a health risk to you and your family. The irritating smell may exacerbate respiratory problems. The pathogens can cause skin irritation, diarrhea, and other problems.

Incorrect Use of a Drain Snake

A mechanical snake is useful as a clogged drain cleaning tool. It is especially useful for navigating around corners and bends. However, it can damage the lining of your plumbing. Remember, your piping is meant to pass water and liquid waste, not 2000 rpm pressure from a mechanical drill.

Failing to Reach Out to Professional Plumbers

Drain Cleaning Mistakes

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You aren’t supposed to undertake any clogged drain cleaning in reality if you aren’t a professional plumber. There are usually 24-hour plumbing contractors at your Beck and call whenever you require emergency plumbing services.

Clean your drains but avoid the above mistakes while at it. Don’t push things down the drain which don’t belong there. Avoid excessive use of drain cleaning chemicals. Finally, get the correct plungers and use the correct plunging methods. Finally, call out to professional emergency plumbers if it is an emergency.

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