5 Reasons Why Your Gas Furnace is Blowing Cold Air
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On November 12, 2021

Whenever winter is around the corner, the weather is usually freezing, and as such, it demands that we keep ourselves warm. In years past, homes would be smokey from stone hearth fire, with ventilation coming from a hole in the roof. With the advancement in technology, gas furnaces have been introduced to help keep homes warm and soothing. Even when there is a snowstorm, people can relax in their houses, with their furnaces providing enough heat to keep them warm.

If your furnace has been turned off for a long time, when you finally switch it back on, it is normal to release cold air initially. However, you should not expect the heater to start to emit warm air through its vents immediately.

With time, cold air will fill the heating system, making it warm as it begins to circulate. That said, if the furnace remains on for a longer period and continues to blow cold air, it indicates a problem somewhere.

How do you cope with your gas furnace blowing cold air? What happens if your heater suddenly fails and begins to malfunction? This problem does not spell the end of your gas furnace, as it only suggests that you should identify the cause of the problem and find solutions to resolve it.

There are reasons at The Architecture Designs for gas furnaces blowing cold air and won’t shut off; hence, we will touch on some of them in this guide.

1.    Clogged or Blocked Filters

Gas Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

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You do not want the filters of your gas furnace to be clogged, as it will reduce airflow and affect system performance negatively. This is why you should always run checks on the air filter to ensure that it is clear and free of dirt and other obstructions.

Failure to clean your air filter can even lead to further damage, perhaps causing the fan motor to stop operating totally. The air filtration system filters the air and also protects the furnace from a build-up of dust.

To make sure there is no damage to your filters, consider replacing them regularly – once a year will suffice. This will keep your home warm during the winter and cold seasons and further prevent your gas furnace from blowing cold air.

2. Changes in Thermostat Settings

Gas Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

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When you notice your gas furnace is blowing cold air, your thermostat is one of the first to check and observe. This is the part of the heater responsible for adjusting temperature value; hence, it is vital to the system.

Go over to have a look at your thermostat settings. Regardless of whether this unit is heating the air or not, as long as the thermostat switch is set to ‘ON,’ the fan will keep blowing. Hence, make sure that the thermostat is not ‘ON,’ and if it is, carefully switch it to ‘AUTO.’ After doing this, your gas furnace should be blowing warm air again.

Also, you should check the thermostat’s battery; if it is low, wrong temperature values will register on the unit and lead to cold air emitting from the furnace. Changing the battery should solve this problem quickly.

3. Problems with Ignition

Gas Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

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If your furnace has fuel ignition problems, it will not be able to release warm air. Older furnace versions feature a standing pilot light, and you should check whether it is turned on or off. Ideally, it should be on. However, dirt and draft may affect the pilot, causing it to go off or be unable to ignite the gas.

For newer furnaces, there is electronic ignition. An example is hot-surface igniters, which usually begin to deteriorate in functionality after about four years. When this happens, it can lead to your gas furnace blowing cold air.

It would be best if you kept an extra igniter somewhere in the house, as it can come in handy if your furnace stops working at difficult times, perhaps in the middle of the night. While a professional is recommended to change igniters, one can efficiently operate it.

4.    Damaged Ductwork

Gas Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

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When you hear your co-worker wailing at work, “my gas furnace is blowing cold air,” call the person aside to ask if they have checked their ductwork. A reason for this furnace malfunction could be due to cracks and works in your home’s ducts.

These openings, however small, give room for cold air to flow from the attic to the air ducts. So, your furnace may be blowing warm air, but because of some leaks, your vents blow out, and the device begins to act out. Duct sealing could solve this problem efficiently.

5. Low Supply of Gas

Gas Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

source: thespruce.com

If you notice your gas furnace is still blowing cold air and won’t shut off, there may be problems with the gas supply line in your home. The working operation of a furnace is so that they get deactivated if there is a short gas supply.

Hence, if the gas is not getting to the furnace, it will not perform its standard heating process, leading to cold air circulating the area.

The winter season is wonderful – snow glistening in the sun, wreaths on houses, the air smelling pure and fresh, and everything just seems quiet. But, as much as we love to stay outside to revel in these, we cannot withstand the brisk cold for long periods.

We need to take cover in our homes, with our gas furnaces coming to the rescue to provide warm air to keep us comfortable. But what happens if our gas furnace is blowing cold air? We need to find a solution quickly as winter draws nearer.

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