20 Amazing Kitchen Decoration Ideas No One Has Told You About
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On January 24, 2019

If you go online and search for “Kitchen ideas” you will be bombarded with an insane amount of results. Some of them will blow your mind while most of them will blow off your cabinets while you’re cooking. Most of the designs you see out there are, very much, impractical.

As my mother used to say “A kitchen is a sacred place”. For most of the families out there a kitchen is not just a place where meals are cooked. It is a place where your family sits together and eat. It is a place where important decisions are made. It is a place where everyone shares the details of the day before going to their separate rooms.                                                            source:jplacroix.org

A kitchen is a place where your guest ask you if they can give you a hand. It is a place where bonds a strengthened between you and your friends while you’re trying to create a new recipe like a mad scientist. It is a place that has seen your sweat and blood, literally.

Finally it the place that speaks about your home. No matter how much your house is squeaky clean, if your kitchen is dirty, full of unwashed dishes, spice bottles everywhere, cutting board still on the shelf with a dirty knife on top, your house is considered unclean.                                                         source: realhomes.com

It is our moral obligation that we keep our kitchen at the epitome of beauty and elegance. If the kitchen is not up to mark then it’s time for high end kitchen remodeling contractors to do their job.

We are going to give out 20 amazing kitchen decoration ideas in categories. The categories will be of specific kitchen designs, not designs in an esthetic way but in the physical design of the kitchen. Confused? Don’t be. Let’s get right to it you’ll understand in a moment.

One-Wall Kitchen Layout

In one-wall kitchen layout cabinets and appliances are fixed on a single wall.

Idea # 1: Monochromatic-Themed One-Wall Kitchen

Using a monochromatic theme for your one-wall kitchen will give it a look of elegance and beauty. This beauty will also scream out the cleanliness and hygienic nature of your kitchen.

                                                 source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

Idea # 2: Vibrant Colored One-Wall Kitchen

If you want your kitchen to give off that warm welcoming feeling then going for vibrant colors will be the best choice for you.                                                   source: buy-clomid.tech

Idea # 3 Country Style One-Wall Kitchen

If you are looking for that simple yet exquisite look, country styled one-wall kitchen is the way to go.                                                    source: jacekpartyka.com

Idea # 4 Retro Design With Single Line Kitchen Cabinets

With this particular design, you have the freedom to place your fridge anywhere you want. This kitchen might just turn out to be the most interesting piece of interior design you have in your home.                                                             source: saetha.com

Gallery Styled Kitchen Layout

A gallery style consists of a central corridor with two runs of units parallel to each other.                                                       source: reddit.com

Idea # 5 Symmetrical Look

With gallery style, you can go for a symmetrical look. A sink opposing the stove. Shelves opposite to shelves and cabinets opposite to cabinets.                                                        source: kitchencabinetkings.com

Idea # 6 Single Side Tall Cabinets

With one side tall cabinets, you will have an insane amount of cabinet space with a lot of room to comfortably move around.                                                   source: diynetwork.com

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Idea # 7 Making Use Of The Closed Off Kitchen Wall

With gallery style, you might have a closed kitchen wall. Utilizing that wall is a great idea with practical uses.

                                                        source: .facebook.com

Idea # 8 Gallery Style With An Island

Having an island can be of great benefit. You can get a sink and a tabletop together fitted on the island. It is practical and gives off a stylish look.                                                     source: home-designing.com

L Shaped Kitchen Layout

L shaped kitchen spaces maximize the use of corner space and are a smart design for corner kitchens.

Idea # 9 Working Triangle

Having the three main units near each other, the fridge, sink, and oven you can make your cooking feel as natural as ever.                                                         source:pinterest.com

Idea # 10 Tall Units

To remove that clutter that having tall units with L shaped kitchen is a great option.                                            source: decoratingdecorandmore.org

Idea 11 # Extreme Finish

You can go for an extremely slick look by getting an extreme finish with your cabinets, shelves and appliance fittings.                                                         source: norbandys.com

Idea # 12 Tricky Corners

Transforming tricky corners in L shaped kitchen serve the true purpose of those trick opening cabinet.                                                               source: hgtv.com

Horseshoe Kitchen Layout

The reason for calling this layout “Horseshoe” or “U-Shape” is because it has three walls of cabinets.

Idea # 13 Work With Traffic

By adding a small island in the middle traffic inside and out the kitchen can be effectively managed.                                                       source: carringtonconstruction.com

Idea # 14 The Island Wall

Making the island your third wall you will have the option to convert your kitchen into a small dining area.                                                     source: bydesigncabinetry.com

Idea # 15 Natural Light Advantage

By introducing a glass door to the backyard you can add natural light to the kitchen and give it a livelier look.                                                        source: howdens.com

Idea # 16 Bright And Open

By introducing an elegant large window in the kitchen, matching the theme you can bring more light and an open feel to your kitchen.                                                         source:  today.com

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island adds a lot more space to the kitchen. It provides space to eat and to prepare food and so much more.

Idea # 17 Add Counter Space

You can use the island to add more counter space to the kitchen. This design is great for those whole like to cook a lot.                                                              source: pinterest.com

Idea # 18 Seating Place

You can use the island to create a space for your family to sit together and eat. This design is great if you love to cook for your family.                                                         source: caloricappliances.ca

Idea # 19 More Appliances

You can get custom space created to add more appliances to the kitchen by using an island. Make sure for this task you take the help of a kitchen remodeling in Commerce Township MI, as there is a lot more to do when electrical equipment comes in to play.                                                                    source: houzz.in

Idea # 20 More Storage

If you are a cooking nut just like me then no amount of space will do, more is always needed. Making your island full of cabinets might do the trick.                                                source: homestratosphere.com