Built Automatic Irrigation System for Garden
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On June 30, 2022

Do you often forget to water your garden? Do you spend a lot of time watering your garden? How to solve the problem of watering the garden? You just need to set up a simple automatic irrigation system in the garden. Imagine a garden that will water itself! If you have a relatively large garden, then you know how long it will take to get water for all these plants. During the hot summer months, adequate irrigation will ensure you have a nice fresh, green garden.

Why do so many people give up building an automatic garden irrigation system? On the one hand, the irrigation systems on the market are expensive, and on the other hand, there is confusion about the accessories and installation of the whole system. Below I will introduce you to the composition and advantages of a simple garden irrigation system.

The composition of the garden automatic irrigation system:


Automatic Irrigation System for Garden

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It is very important to find a faucet near the garden that guarantees a regular water supply. It will provide irrigation water for the entire garden. Install a controller with an interface consistent with its caliber on it to control whether the faucet comes out of water.

Automatic controller

The automatic controller is the core of the entire garden irrigation system, and it is also the higher cost part. Prices on the market range from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. For garden use, we can choose cheap ones. It is composed of control device, solenoid valve and sensor. The controller is the heart of the system. Gardening enthusiasts can set the irrigation time and irrigation cycle according to the preferences of the different plants in the garden. The controller sends a signal to the solenoid valve to open or close the faucet.

Water pipes

Automatic Irrigation System for Garden

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Depending on the location of the garden, buried hard water pipes can be designed, or drip irrigation pipes can be designed. The main consideration is water. The size of the quantity determines the diameter of the pipe. If we want to reduce the budget, we can choose some discarded thin hoses, punch holes at suitable intervals, and bury them in fixed positions at intervals.


Choose from different types of sprinklers depending on your garden plants and location. Install sprinklers on water pipes to control the amount of water and the uniformity of irrigation. Such as drip irrigation, drip irrigation is more water-efficient than sprinkler irrigation, and the water can slowly penetrate the soil and moisten the garden. But the uniformity of drip irrigation is not easy to guarantee. Therefore, it is generally suitable for dry areas in the garden.

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How does an automatic garden irrigation system work?

Automatic Irrigation System for Garden

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The garden automatic irrigation system installs the controller on the nearby faucet. The faucet needs to be kept open for a long time. Set the opening time of the controller through the computer or mobile phone, and set the time and duration of the flowers that need to be watered every day, and then the system will automatically follow the instructions. Get the job done. Very convenient and practical. After the setting is completed, users can remotely check the irrigation status through mobile phones or computers. Even if they go out for travel, they do not have to worry about the flowers in the garden dying from lack of water. It also saves a lot of time for daily maintenance and gives you a thriving garden.

Advantages of automatic garden irrigation systems:

Save time

This is why people choose automatic irrigation. Once installed, it will work automatically. You can develop your own interests with confidence and no longer need to water manually. Of course, when traveling, the garden is also full of vitality.

Save water

Automatic Irrigation System for Garden

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The soil moisture sensor can be used to sense whether the soil is dry or wet. If the soil water shortage is detected, it will control to open the water valve for irrigation. It also controls the water valve to close if the soil is moist enough. In this way, the garden can be managed scientifically.

Improve efficiency

The automatic system provides precise coverage, eliminating worries of overgrown or underwater. Timers can be set for daily or weekly watering as well as for low evaporation.

High cost performance

An automatic irrigation system ensures efficient water distribution so that your plants are watered at the ideal time and in the ideal amount. This helps reduce waste. However, keep in mind that a lot depends on the program you choose.

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