Find The Best Rental Websites In The UK For Your Property 
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On November 5, 2022

Now that you have bought a high-quality property with the intention of establishing it for a rental business, you may be wondering- what’s next? 

And in between beautifying the property and making sure it becomes a very ideal living space for your future tenant, there is one factor that should be taken into account and that is where you are listing your property. 

While it is true that you can simply make a direct posting in any of your social media accounts or rely on word of mouth, there is an even better solution that is both modern and efficient and will guarantee you that your property will be listed in the top UK property portals.

Listing your property in the best rental websites in the UK like Oasis Living will allow you to better market your investment and attract the best and most qualified tenants. 

What To Look For In The Best Rental Websites In The UK? 

Best Rental Websites In The UK


While there are lots of opportunities and free platforms to list your property for leasing, not all of those websites have the traffic and audience that you want to attract. 

If your goal is to make sure that your soon-to-be-tenant is well-qualified and that you will not have any unwarranted problems like irresponsibility and neglect, it is crucial that you only list your property in well-known and reliable rental websites in the UK.

With the demand for rental properties consistently soaring, you can expect more prospective tenants looking to find the perfect home for them. In the UK, which is considered one of the most expensive countries to buy a property from, rentals are in an even higher demand and you must take this opportunity to put your property up for lease.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a rental website is their reliability and reputation. Be careful of platforms with too-good-to-be true offers because this is more likely going to end up not in your favor.

It is also essential that the rental website has easy to navigate pages so that the prospective tenants can easily browse through listings available in their pool.

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Most of all, the rental website should have a significant amount of audience so that you can be guaranteed that your property will always be occupied.

Examples Of The Best Rental Websites In The UK 

Ready to begin listing your property? Here are some excellent places to start! 

Oasis Living

Best Rental Websites In The UK


This particular rental website is an excellent choice especially if you are new to the leasing business. Signing up with them means that you are entitled to get professional advice in terms of marketing your home in relevant platforms and they will also provide you with sure-fire digital marketing strategies to ensure that your listing will do well.

Oasis Living also offers help in terms of managing your investment portfolio so you will only need to reach out to one person or department instead of keeping tabs with multiple. They promote ease of transactions and management in order to get your listing to the biggest rental websites in the UK.


Best Rental Websites In The UK


Despite some significant setbacks, OnTheMarket continues to do well in the real estate industry. This is thanks to their exclusive listing service wherein you can take advantage of your property being posted for listing in their website before it comes out anywhere else.

This service provides a certain feeling of exclusivity that their clients can enjoy. 


Best Rental Websites In The UK


If you are looking to establish your rental in a more short-term manner, then Airbnb might just be the one you need. As this is one of the most popular rental websites all over the world, you are given the opportunity to market your property even to international renters.

Some landlords prefer short-term rentals as they are able to maintain and manage their property better as opposed to having it rented long-term and Airbnb is an excellent platform to market your property. 


Best Rental Websites In The UK


As a landlord, you must be aware of the most effective ways to advertise your rental to the widest possible pool of potential tenants. Listing your home online is essential in today’s highly digitalized world if you want to generate interest and schedule viewings efficiently in order to assure that your property is receiving the interest it deserves.

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