Tips For Designing A Grand Home Office For Your Elite Clients
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On August 3, 2022

Over the past few years, working from home has become the norm. This has led to the increasing need for home office spaces.

Fitting a desk and chair in a tight corner of a room doesn’t create an ideal working environment, especially if your client runs a big business or wants to hold meetings.

If you have important clients, like a lawyer or a company’s CEO, you will have to design a grand office space that reflects their class and stature. 

Besides grandeur, you’ll also have to ensure that the office space promotes productivity.

Here are some exclusive tips to help you design the best home office for your elite clients.

Define The Space

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The first step in designing any home office, whether grand or small, is designating an appropriate space within the residence that can be utilized effectively.

For a grand home office, a separate space or room located in a quiet part of the house will be ideal. In a large house, it will be easy to find a spare bedroom to be converted into an office. The home basement is also a suitable option and can be renovated accordingly.

Basement home offices are very popular today because of added benefits like the ability to add an entrance, designate a separate seating area for the clients and even allocate a refreshment area for snacks and drinks.

Once your client has decided on the space, you can start planning other aspects of the office design.

Choose The Flooring Option Wisely

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Unless the room already has flooring set in place, your design should include a proper flooring option that is both functional and elegant.

While choosing a flooring option make sure,

  • It has soundproofing benefits to block out outside noise.
  • It is durable and can withstand the weight of office chairs, tables and other equipment without incurring dents or other damage.
  • It adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to the grand office space.

One of the most popular flooring options which are widely used for professional office spaces is luxury vinyl flooring. LVT is designed in such a way that it combines all the qualities of a good flooring option – durability, versatility and even water resistance. 

You can consider shaw luxury vinyl flooring which is easy to maintain and perfect for a professional setting.

Pay Attention To Lighting

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Proper lighting is very important to ensure a productive and inviting workspace. 

To keep the office bright and well-lit, consider incorporating multiple sources of lighting throughout the space.

If you have the option of choosing from different rooms, choose a room that allows sufficient sunlight during the day. For extra visual appeal, you can consider decorative office lightings like pendant lights and wall sconces.

In situations where it is not possible to let in a lot of natural light, make sure to compensate by installing extra lights. 

Keep office lights indirect to avoid harsh glare and strong cast shadows.

Choose Good Office Furniture

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A grand home office must have befitting office furniture.  

Choose ergonomic furniture that goes well with the overall style of the office. The furniture should complement the color theme and appear elegant.

Make sure the main office desk is of proper height and spacious enough for files, supplies and other stationery. You can consider adding side tables or rolling carts for extra storage space.

Office chairs should be ergonomic, especially if your client expects to hold long meetings. 

Plan the layout of the office furniture based on the available space. Avoid crowding the office with unnecessary clutter.

Organization Is Key

Your design should encourage organization and minimize clutter.

Your client will not appreciate the lack of sufficient storage space in the office.  Failing to incorporate enough shelves and cupboards can lead to an unwelcome mess with piles and clutter creating an unproductive environment.

Incorporate different storage options in the home office plan like shelving systems, cabinets and drawers.

Add Decorative Touches

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While it is very important to design an office to be functional, you should refrain from making it look bland.

Don’t hesitate to play around with different decorative styles and figure out which matches your client’s tastes the best.

Since it is a home office, invite your client to add small personal touches like pictures, achievements or plants to liven up the office space. Depending on the space available, your client may also be interested in including collectible art and installations in the office.


When an elite client approaches you for designing a grand home office, you should try to find out more about their creative tastes too. Find out whether they like minimalistic interiors or if they’d appreciate a touch of glam.

Don’t forget to discuss their budget and priorities, so you don’t end up going overboard with the grandeur.

With our tips and suggestions, you’ll surely be able to create a magnificent home office that meets your client’s high expectations.

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