Helpful Design Ideas For Transforming Your Home Office
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On September 6, 2021

Working from home has become the norm for a lot of us. That spare room, the little corner of your living room, and even your bedroom have become your unexpected workspace.

While remote work has its benefits, it’s not surprising if you eventually start calling your home office as just another soul-less cubicle. 

It doesn’t have to be! Let’s talk about some helpful design ideas that should help transform your home office into a place of productivity and inspiration.

It All Starts With Proper Organization

Transform Your Home Office


You’ll be surprised at how much your home office can change by simply organizing everything. The first thing you have to do is take out all the objects, electronics, and accessories that serve no real purpose in your office other than distract you. Do you need that TV? If not, move it somewhere else in the house.

Clear out your desk of all those stacks of paper, rainbow-colored Post-Its, and other unnecessary office supplies. Use this opportunity to clean your desk, office chair, and other surfaces. Don’t forget to start vacuuming around the room to get rid of any dust buildup.

If your home office has storage options like cabinets and shelves, make full use of them. If not, consider investing in shelving. Clutter can build up quickly without adequate storage options.

For the remaining electronics in your home office, consider the following tips:

  • Manage the cables: Cables are both tripping and fire hazards. It would be good to bind them with cable ties, clamps, or Velcro warps. Ensure they are routed behind the desk, against the wall, and generally away from open areas.
  • Reduce cable clutter: Consider using as many wireless devices like keyboards and mice as you can. Using a USB hub is also a great option that will allow you to plug several devices into your PC using just one cable.

Don’t Forget About Function And Placement

Transform Your Home Office


Everything in your home office should be helping you do a good job. That’s why efficiency and functionality should never be ignored.

Everything you need for work must always be at least an arm’s length from your seat. Invest in a good sturdy desk with storage options to store essential work materials within reach. If your computer tower is on the desk, place it on the floor to save space on top for other essential devices.

Consider investing in ergonomic chairs and desks. Not only does it make you comfortable while working, but it could also prevent injuries like back pain or carp tunnel syndrome.

  • Your monitor’s screen must be an arm’s length away and at eye level
  • Your knees must be the same level as your hips
  • Your wrists must be straight or below the elbow’s level

It would help if you also placed your desk close to a window. Doing so will help give you a good dose of natural light and a way to refresh your eyes by looking outside.

Use The Right Colors and Design To Complement Your Work

Decorate Your Home Office Space


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Your home office should be a place where you are inspired to do your absolute best. Your home office design must be conducive to the type of work you have. Choose colors, designs, and furniture that complements your profession.

  • Creativity: It is said that nature helps stimulate creativity. Prioritize placing your workstation close to the window. Paint your walls green or white with a dash of yellow or orange for that energetic feel. Make sure you have space for artwork that inspires you. Consider bringing in some potted plants, too.
  • Calmness: If you have a challenging and stressful job, bold and lively elements can be counterproductive. Integrate natural and earthy furniture into the room. Invest in solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring products to add rustic appeal. Also, use calming colors like soft blues, grays, and light greens.
  • Focused: If your job requires focus, then a practical design works best. Prioritize removing any possible distractions from the room and leaving only the bare essentials. Painting the room white and using metallic colors like silver or gold promotes clarity and focus in Feng Shui principles.

Transform Your Home Office


  • Motivation: If you want a home office that motivates you, design the room around the “why” of your life and work. Prioritize placing photos, mementos, awards, and a corkboardfilled with inspiring imagery in the room. You can even add a sofa where you can get comfy admiring your past achievements. Colors like yellow and orange over gray give off a calm but optimistic vibe.

You have total control over your own office as you would an actual office building, so go for a design that inspires and motivates. All it takes is a little effort to transform your home office into a place you’ll look forward to working in every day.

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