How to Create a Productivity-inducing Home Office
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On December 23, 2021

The pandemic caused disruptions in all aspects of human life, including the way people work. Many businesses, especially office-based work, transitioned to remote work overnight. Workers had to adjust their daily work routine.

Remote work has been, in fact, pushed by many for years. They believe it’s necessary, citing stress in the workplace and the need to foster a work-life balance as the reasons why it should be encouraged.

Some companies have been trying hybrid work arrangements, which involved working from home half the week. However, the pandemic has even made many organizations realize that remote work is doable. In fact, Bloomberg suggested that today’s workplace is in the midst of the largest telecommuting experiment the world has ever seen.

Bloomberg also revealed that remote work boosts productivity by 5%. Because of this, companies are seriously considering making 20% of their work-from-home arrangements permanent even after the pandemic. Before this crisis, companies only wanted 5% of these arrangements permanent.

In truth, creating a productive work environment at home is challenging. There are a lot of distractions. Plus, people who have little space have to make do with working in communal areas like the living room and kitchen.

How to Create a Productive Work Space at Home

increase Productivity in Your Home Office


The primary purpose of a home office is to create a space where you can work and be at your most productive. However, the secret to making a space productivity-inducing is to add elements to it that will put you in a productive mood, according to HGTV. Even if it’s just a small space, you will be motivated to work if it has the proper lighting, desk, and other elements.

Aside from putting you in a productive mood, the right home office elements can define your workspace and remind you of why you work. They should remind you of your goals.

Unfortunately, if you can’t identify what motivates you, you’ll have a tough time figuring out how to define your productivity-enhancing workspace. Considering this, let this article help you create a workspace that will increase your productivity. Here’s how.

Adequate Surface Area

increase Productivity in Your Home Office


Desks, tables, and cabinets can widen your work surface area. You don’t need a huge office space. You need an adequate surface area where you can put your computer, write on, or do some paperwork. You can also assign separate surface areas or desks-a desk for your laptop and a low cabinet to store your supplies, which can double as an added work surface.

Keep the Sunshine In

Daylight is crucial in waking you up. This can be very useful when you don’t feel like working. Allow enough sunshine into your workspace. You can also use mirrors to bounce off natural lighting from different parts of your house.

Remember, natural light is also good for your eyes.

Well-lit Workspace

If you can get natural light into your workspace, that would be the best. If it’s not possible, use a high-quality task lamp on your desk and another light overhead to keep your entire workspace well-lit.

Purpose Reminders

increase Productivity in Your Home Office


Put purpose reminders around your workspace. It could be a picture of your family or pets. Or, it could be an image of the sea or a mountain. You can also display your hobby equipment like your Penn Battle III Fishing Reel. Add anything that will motivate you to work or any reminder about why you’re working.

A View to Rest the Eyes

Your eyes have to rest once in a whilefrom too much computer time. If possible, set your desk near a window so that you can look far outside from time to time. Or, you can put a photo, poster, or painting of landscapes in your workspace.

Manage Your Stuff

increase Productivity in Your Home Office


Keep your workspace organized. A clean workstation will keep you calm while working, without fussing over stuff that you can’t find. An organized workspace will also maintain a clarity of purpose and help you stay on your task.

According to HGTV, your enemy here is clutter. Use customized storage that you can put together using different kinds of storage solutions.

Make sure that stuff you’re not using is kept away. Plus, everything should have a place of its own so that you can work freely.

Improve Your Workspace Today

Working in a tight cubicle in the office can be restricting. Thankfully, you can work from home and enjoy the space you have. You can create a comfortable setup, away from distractions, and have all the equipment and supplies you need. All you have to do now is make your space conducive for productivity. Try out the tips above to achieve this.

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