Ensuring That Your Home Is Well Ventilated
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On October 21, 2021

It is crucial that we all breathe the best quality air possible, not only is this beneficial to our lungs and our physical health, but it also impacts us mentally. It is proven that good air quality enhances our concentration and mentality meanwhile, good ventilation is a great preventative of condensation and mold.

Rooms that generate lots of moisture (kitchens, bathrooms, etc) need greater ventilation so that the presence of mold is avoided. Furthermore, ventilation is vital to rooms that contain gas appliances as they require ample oxygen to burn otherwise, they generate carbon monoxide. Lastly, the Covid-19 pandemic has drawn more attention to ventilation than ever as we are inhibited from breathing in the airborne virus.

So how do we guarantee that our homes are properly ventilated?

Open Up a Window

Ensuring That Your Property Is Well Ventilated

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When cooking, it is a good idea to open the windows in the kitchen until the steam clears. Similarly, you can prevent the build-up of condensation in your bathroom by opening the window whilst showering or bathing until the vapor completely evaporates. It is also often forgotten that windows should be open when hanging wet clothes to dry.

With any of these tasks, you should close the room’s door as this will inhibit condensation from traveling all over the house. Even in the winter, it is crucial that you still make an effort to routinely ventilate your property by opening the windows three times a day.

Keep Doors Open

Aside from when you are drying clothes, showering/bathing, or cooking, all internal doors in your house should remain open. This ensures that the airflow is not restricted.

Utilize Fans

Ensuring That Your Property Is Well Ventilated

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Ceiling, floor, or desk fans are great tools in encouraging greater airflow. Whilst the kettle is boiling you might also wish to switch on a fan so that the humidity in your kitchen is decreased. As well as their contribution to ventilation, ceiling fans are a great way to lower your energy bills as they move warm air at the room’s peak to the floor.

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Buy House Plants

Many house plants have the capacity to eliminate harmful airborne toxins and also decrease carbon dioxide levels. House plants can be a great contender for improving your property’s ventilation when combined with an indoor fan and adequate airflow.

Purchase an Air Purifier

Ensuring That Your Property Is Well Ventilated

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The role of air purifiers is quite literally in the name; they purify the air that you are breathing. This is done by capturing allergens and pollutants which simultaneously improves the air quality and ventilation of your house.

Install Roof Vents

In order to properly ventilate attics and lofts, you can purchase roof vents in the UK, Europe, and the US. Hot air rises meaning that a poorly ventilated home could cause irreparable damage to your loft/attic. Roof tiles could be damaged, whilst roofs that are not properly ventilated end in damp issues as the moisture has no means of escape. If not properly treated, this can be detrimental to your property’s structural integrity.

Install Extractor Fans

Ensuring That Your Property Is Well Ventilated

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You should install Extractor fans over kitchen hobs and in bathrooms; they should be switched on whenever showering, bathing, or cooking. You might find that your bathroom or kitchen is still filled with steam immediately after showering or cooking. If this is the case, leave the extractor fan on for thirty minutes subsequent to bathing/cooking. Furthermore, extractor fans must be connected to an external outlet so that the air that has been drawn in is not recycled.


Ultimately, ventilation is unequivocally vital to the maintenance of your physical condition and the welfare of your house and is not to be neglected. Visit The Architecture Designs for more ideas.

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