How to Use the Expanded Metal to Modernize Your House
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On July 1, 2021

The expanded metal mesh is today one of the most appreciated materials by those who want to give a touch of novelty and creativity, combined with functionality, to public buildings, industries and offices.

However, even homes can enjoy the advantages and benefits of this product by specialized companies, for instance Fils, a leading italian company that operates in the production of expanded metal mesh for different use: from architecture to industry and metal work fabrication. 

We are talking about a material that is 100% recyclable, versatile and aesthetically beautiful thanks to the play of light and shadow. 

In this sense, therefore, a new concept of protection is being developed which departs from traditional systems (just to give an example: the wooden fences).

Use the Expanded Metal to Modernize Your House


Thanks to the total customization of the metal mesh, each fence can be designed and made according to different needs (shapes, colours, dimensions and so on) to satisfy the client. 

The main advantages of an expanded mesh fence are:

Confidentiality, since the fences, guarantee the most complete confidentiality both for the mesh used and for the combination of the panels and pillars; in addition, the size of the holes of the expanded metal (completely your choice) will allow you to get the degree of privacy you want

The elegance: the fence produced by Fils turn out to be very appreciated aesthetically, thanks to the beautiful colours and the quality of raw materials

The convenience, since they are fast to achieve and are convenient, with an interesting price/performance ratio especially because, as we shall see in a moment,  it is a material that lasts a very long time and does not appear to be ruined despite adverse weather conditions

The strength and durability, thanks to the steel and aluminum with which they are made the protective finishes are resistant and mechanically durable over time.

Use the Expanded Metal to Modernize Your House


The practicality: the modular panels are easily fixed to the pillars with bolts and the ground fixing is simple.

And that is not all. In addition to these advantages, there is the possibility to choose ironworks metal meshes colour that ranges from light to gaudy ones: the RAL table of colours available is immense: from shades of blue to those of red, from those of green to those of yellow you are free to choose the colour that best suits your house or maybe, you can simply, decide to make a mix of colours as for a project realized by the company.

Fils realized expanded metal fences for both private and public facilities. 

We chose three of their most interesting projects to show you what we have told you so far, that is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics represented by these magnificent fences

Let’s see together these projects made around Italy.

Fence for private villa

Use the Expanded Metal to Modernize Your House


For this lovely villa in Cremona, the model of fence used is simple to assemble and beautiful to see. The expanded mesh fence “Facile” is easy, as the Italian name already suggests, to assemble thanks to the fixing system between panels and pillars that provides easy use of nuts and bolts. “Facile” forms a perfect “continuous facade” fence, with no gaps between one panel and another, really ensuring excellent safety, protection and privacy. It’s perfect if you want to protect your villa from unwanted looks and feel so safe.

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Enclosure in expanded metal for residences

Here, we are in Bergamo at the “Primavera Residence”. For this project, the company designed a very refined fence, hexagonal in shape and grey color.

The color echoes the tones of the stair protection structure and the outline of some windows of the residence. 

Fence for CUS swimming pool in Palermo

Use the Expanded Metal to Modernize Your House


And the best comes right now. This project is ambitious, creative, particular and absolutely magnificent.

In this project you can see all the inspiration and skill of Fils: 

The choice to combine these colors among them have made the pool of palermo cus characteristic and innovative.

The beauty of the expanded network lies in this: in the possibility of creating something totally new in a simple and easy way, completely tailored to avoid waste and consequently reducing costs.

Also do not forget to say that the expanded mesh can be combined with other materials such as glass, wrought iron and stone.

The customization of Fils products is one of the strengths of this brand, as it meets all the tastes and needs of all its customers and this is the reason why we recommend it.

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