5 Germinate Space That You Need to Clean in Your Home
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On July 15, 2020

Home is a place where you live and your heart resides, but along with you it is also the home of several bacteria, germs and viruses. You may be thinking that regularly cleaning the places such as dustbin area, washroom is enough to keep your house clean but have you ever wondered about the hand towels, the kitchen areas you overlook are actually the hot beds of growing of germs and bacteria. When was the last time you sanitized your refrigerator or cleaned your phone and other places which you actually neglect from getting cleaned?

A Messy, Greasy Stove top

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‌We all know that the heart of our home is the kitchen, but do we know that it is also the most breeding place of germs and bacteria? We do clean the kitchen but we often forget to clean the stove top. The stove is where we cook our four meals a day. The extra food or the fallen food and the leftovers which are stuck in the corner of the stove-top makes the stove top messy and greasy which may lead to the formation of germs and bacteria. Insects such as cockroach and other pests feed on those leftover foods and leave germs behind. So, to prevent the growth of bacteria, germs and viruses on the stove top, one must clean it properly, wash it with dish wash and sanitize it from time to time regularly. 

A Stained Rug

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‌Sometimes while having food or drinking something, you may spill the food or the drink on the carpet or on the rug or the floor by mistake. This may lead to the formation of stain on that rug or carpet. If they are not cleaned properly with detergent or soap using a scrubber, there may be breeding of germs and bacteria on that particular place. So, the stains must be removed as soon as possible and the place must be sanitized properly to make it germ free and preventing any further growth of bacteria or virus.

Under the Bed

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Bedroom is a place of sleeping and relaxation after the whole day of tiredness, we peacefully and calmly relax in our bedroom, so it is our foremost responsibility to keep the place clean and tidy. We often change our bed sheets and pillow covers and wash them properly, but have we ever noticed the space below our bed. That part contains maximum amount of germs as the space below the bed is deprived of sunlight or any kind of lights, the dark humid space is the leading place of the growth of germs and bacteria. We must move our bed from time to time and clean the space under our bed to make our bedroom germs free. 

The Inside Of A Microwave

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Microwave is the place where we bake the food we eat. We use a microwave quite often. Apart from baking of food we must also think of cleaning the space inside the microwave which may turn greasy and oily after the food has been made thus , leading to the growth of germs and virus. To prevent this one must clean the inside of the microwave properly and sanitize it for further healthy and clean use. 

Germy Phones and Tablets

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‌The most important and the most used gadget in our day to day life is our mobile phone and tablets. We use it more or less the whole day for one purpose or the other. We look for recipes in our phone while cooking in the kitchen, we often forget to wash our hands before using the phone and with those untidy, unclean hands, and we touch the phone. We pick up the call whenever it is necessary with those dirty or unclean hands. Our phone screen carries most of the germs and bacteria with them. Thus, we use it every now and then but we forget to keep it clean or sanitized and germs free. One must use sanitizer or other phone cleaning fluid to keep the phone germs free and sanitized.

Apart from these 5 germiest spaces, there are many other places which we neglect and overlook but those spaces must be kept clean in your home. Children and adult roam around the house the whole day. So, to keep a healthy family one must check every bit of space in your home and clean it properly and live in a hygienic, healthy place which is germs free.

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