Step-By-Step Guide for Easy Installation of Chandeliers 
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On May 14, 2021

Chandeliers have become an important part of almost all areas in the house or a building. They have a way of beautifying any area where they have installed, and this factor has made them an important part of the interior decoration in any room. 

After purchasing a chandelier for your home, your first doubt will be how to install chandelier. Almost all chandeliers come with an easy installation guide. If you wish to know the best way of the chandelier installation, then you can just visit the webpage of Sofary Modern Lighting. They are international-based modern lighting providers and can help you with all your queries regarding chandelier installations. Visit them to know more. 

Installation of Chandelier 

Installation of Chandeliers 


Here is the step-by-step installation guide of the chandelier for you. 

The first and important thing to know before the chandelier installation is the shutting off of the electricity connection. You can do so by checking the circuit breaker in the fuse box. 

Unscrew the screws that are holding the dome-shaped canopy in the living area or any other such room in your home. Now lower the fixture by securing the crossbar that is installed to the electrical box. You can see the wiring that was once inside the dome. 

Screw the nipple and the crossbar into the threaded hole. Make sure that the rotation of screwing the nipple of the screw is not more than three rotations. 

The important factor while the installation of the chandelier is that the electrical supply can hold the required watt of electricity of the chandelier that you are installing. Hence, study the way the wires are connected inside the electrical box. 

Installation of Chandeliers 


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The plastic wire connecting screws that you find in the electrical wires should be slowly unscrewed in the counterclockwise direction. Now, keep the screws safely so that you may find them when in need anytime in the future.

Calculate the box sizes to decide the required box size for the chandelier. 1 box is needed for the neutral and hot wire that will enter the box, 1 box is required for the combination of all wires, 1 box for holding all the clamps together, and finally, 2 boxes are required for every device that will be installed. 

By keeping this calculation as a base, you can decide the required box calculations for the 14-gauge wire, and also for the 12-gauge wire. 

Installation of Chandeliers 


Calculate the total weight of your chandelier and whether it can be held onto your ceiling or not. A normal ceiling can hold chandeliers that weigh no more than 22.7kgs (50 pounds). If you see that your chandelier is quite heavier than 50 pounds, then you may need to install an additional box or fan brace to support the additional weight of the chandelier. 

Now, screw the different parts of the chandelier, once you are done with the installation of the additional bar to the ceiling. Place the mounting bar and gently attach the wires to the required connecting units. 

Once you are all done with the installation, you can then attach the bulbs and switch the electricity back on and test your installation skills. 

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