3 Things People Will Never Tell You About Buying a Vintage Home
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On May 14, 2021

It may be the case that you have had your eyes set on a pristine-looking colonial estate somewhere in the country, or maybe you’ve found an old home that you think you can restore. This is all good and well, but do you really know home much work is involved? You may also not be aware of some specificities about older homes that could come back to bite you in the end. Let’s take a look at some of the things most people won’t tell you about buying an old home.

It Could Be Toxic

Buying a Vintage Home

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Depending on what time period the house was built in, it could have all sorts of banned materials in there, and these could be very harmful to your health. There could be things like asbestos in the walls, or lead in the paint and plumbing. This is why it’s important that you know when these things were banned so you know whether you should worry or not. If you want to know when was lead paint banned, it was officially outlawed in paint in 1978, so if the house was built before that, there is a very strong chance that there is lead in there.

Know, however, that you don’t need to have the whole house stripped to remove the lead. There are lead abatement services that will allow you to neutralize the paint by adding a fresh layer over it, but it has to be done by the right professionals. It would also be wise to have the house inspected for lead. This brings us to our next point.

You Might Require Multiple Inspections

Buying a Vintage Home

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If you’re going to be buying an old home, we would suggest that you get as many inspections done as possible. You should get at least two formal inspections just to make sure that one of the inspectors did not miss something. We also suggest that you have the house inspected for infestation. Also, you should consider bringing an engineer in if any major structural issues are found so they can tell you what would need to be done and how much you can expect to have to pay.

It Might Not be Able to Accommodate New Technology

Buying a Vintage Home

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Older homes were not built to the same standards as homes today. So, if you want to add modern features such as advanced ventilation systems or solar panels on the roof, it could be an issue. In some cases, you will be able to retrofit, but not always. This is the case if you wanted to install an MVHR system inside your house, for instance. Not only will it be unlikely to meet airtightness standards, but things like ducting might be difficult to impossible to install. If you want to add solar panels and the roof can’t accommodate it, know that there are options. If you have available space, you can use PV panels or ground racks instead.

These are all things explore at The Architecture Designs that you should know before considering buying a vintage home. While they can look great and make great investments, you have to know the challenges you’ll be up against before you make your decision.

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