How To Host An Intimate Wedding Reception In Your Own Garden
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On July 5, 2022

Finding a place to host not just the ceremony, but also the reception, which caters to hundreds of people can be almost impossible on a small budget. 

But this doesn’t mean you have to give up hope. An intimate wedding reception held in your own garden can be just as beautiful for celebrating your big day. For one, you do not have to spend money on renting it out. And, besides, you are completely familiar with the place, meaning you know exactly how many people to invite. You also have free reign over how you want it to look. 

In other words, every inch of your reception has been put into your own hands, making it far less stress-filled and far more manageable. But, what are the key things to remember if you are hosting an intimate wedding reception in your garden? Of course, you will know what to do when it comes to the number of guests and seating, but below are a few pointers you might not think about when you are working it all out. 

Use Nature To Your Advantage

Host An Intimate Wedding Reception In Your Own Garden


One of the best things about having your reception in the garden is that you have a naturally beautiful, aesthetically pleasing venue. Whilst most venues can take the shape of large, white spaces, the nature of your garden can give the reception an open, floral and multi-coloured palette. In this way, you should figure out where the best spot of your garden is and make seating arrangements around that. You can even time it to avoid getting the sun in guests’ eyes. Stop thinking about the garden as one big whole, and work out which parts will work best for your dream day.

Don’t Forget About Space

Host An Intimate Wedding Reception In Your Own Garden


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Of course, you’re going to be concentrating on seating arrangements and space, but you should also bear in mind other elements. For instance, where are you going to put the gifts from guests? Depending on who you are, you might not be too concerned about gifts. But for many cultures and religions, from Judaism to Japanese culture, the act of gift giving plays a big role in the wedding itself. A Jewish wedding registry, for instance, helps couples get all of their desired gifts and donations. This makes having a separate section to display those gifts even more important, both in a practical sense and as a way to show your gratitude. 

Into The Early Hours

Host An Intimate Wedding Reception In Your Own Garden


Remember, wedding receptions can go on until the early hours of the morning. For this reason, you should be content that your garden and your neighbours are prepared. Check any local ordinance about noise rules, and make sure to tell neighbours you are planning to celebrate. 

On a more practical note, when the light goes and the darkness arrives, you should be prepared with adequate lighting. Look at buying tall torch lights which can be pegged neatly beside each flower bed. Also, if you are purchasing a marquee to prepare for the risk of rain, try to also obtain some LED lights to brighten the surrounding area and create a warm, atmospheric mood late into the evening.

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